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AHSFHS Article Series

   The best of the best in Alabama High   
  School Football over the past 100 seasons.

This Week's Standings 

Class 2A

Region 1    All    RegionLast WeekThis Week
Cottage Hill Christian(3-0)(2-0)defeated Washington County 54-13at Chickasaw
Chickasaw(3-1)(2-0)defeated R.C. Hatch 20-12vs. Cottage Hill Christi
Leroy(2-1)(2-0)defeated Southern Choctaw 14-12at Washington County
Southern Choctaw(1-2)(1-1)lost to Leroy 14-12vs. J.U. Blacksher
J.U. Blacksher(1-3)(1-1)defeated Choctaw County 36-16at Southern Choctaw
Choctaw County(0-3)(0-2)lost to J.U. Blacksher 36-16at R.C. Hatch
R.C. Hatch(0-3)(0-2)lost to Chickasaw 20-12vs. Choctaw County
Washington County(0-4)(0-2)lost to Cottage Hill Christi 54-13vs. Leroy

Region 2    All    RegionLast WeekThis Week
Abbeville(3-0)(2-0)defeated Geneva County 32-7vs. Houston County
Cottonwood(2-1)(1-1)defeated Barbour County 35-20at G.W. Long
Ariton(2-2)(1-1)defeated Houston County 34-0at Daleville
Geneva County(2-2)(1-1)lost to Abbeville 32-7at Barbour County
Daleville(1-2)(1-1)defeated G.W. Long 32-8vs. Ariton
G.W. Long(1-2)(1-1)lost to Daleville 32-8vs. Cottonwood
Houston County(1-2)(1-1)lost to Ariton 34-0at Abbeville
Barbour County(0-3)(0-2)lost to Cottonwood 35-20vs. Geneva County

Region 3    All    RegionLast WeekThis Week
Goshen(2-1)(2-0)defeated Samson 18-0at New Brockton
Highland Home(2-1)(2-0)defeated Calhoun 56-0at Samson
Luverne(3-0)(1-0)defeated Zion Chapel 47-14vs. Central Hayneville
Samson(2-2)(1-1)lost to Goshen 18-0vs. Highland Home
New Brockton(1-3)(1-1)defeated Central Hayneville 46-12vs. Goshen
Zion Chapel(1-2)(0-2)lost to Luverne 47-14at Calhoun
Calhoun(0-3)(0-2)lost to Highland Home 56-0vs. Zion Chapel
Central Hayneville(0-3)(0-2)lost to New Brockton 46-12at Luverne

Region 4    All    RegionLast WeekThis Week
Reeltown(4-0)(2-0)defeated Horseshoe Bend 41-0vs. LaFayette
Thorsby(4-0)(2-0)defeated LaFayette 18-14vs. Vincent
LaFayette(1-2)(1-1)lost to Thorsby 18-14at Reeltown
Fayetteville(1-3)(1-1)defeated Central Coosa 17-8does not play
Central Coosa(0-3)(0-1)lost to Fayetteville 17-8vs. Horseshoe Bend
Vincent(0-3)(0-1)did not playat Thorsby
Horseshoe Bend(0-4)(0-2)lost to Reeltown 41-0at Central Coosa

Region 5    All    RegionLast WeekThis Week
Cold Springs(4-0)(2-0)defeated Sumiton Christian 33-14at Aliceville
Aliceville(2-1)(2-0)defeated Sulligent 30-0vs. Cold SPrings
Sulligent(2-2)(1-1)lost to Aliceville 30-0at Winston County
Tarrant(1-2)(1-1)defeated Winston County 39-8does not play
Southeastern(2-1)(0-1)did not playat Sumiton Christian
Winston County(1-3)(0-1)lost to Tarrant 39-8vs. Sulligent
Sumiton Christian(0-4)(0-2)lost to Cold Springs 33-14vs. Southeastern

Region 6    All    RegionLast WeekThis Week
Ohatchee(3-0)(2-0)defeated Cleveland 45-6at Westbrook Christian
Ranburne(3-0)(2-0)defeated Woodland 41-0at Cleveland
Westbrook Christian(3-1)(1-0)defeated West End Walnut Grov 62-35vs. Ohatchee
Cleveland(2-1)(1-1)lost to Ohatchee 45-6vs. Ranburne
Gaston(0-3)(0-1)lost to Sylvania 24-8vs. Woodland
Woodland(1-3)(0-2)lost to Ranburne 41-0at Gaston
West End Walnut Grove(0-4)(0-2)lost to Westbrook Christian 62-35does not play

Region 7    All    RegionLast WeekThis Week
Colbert County(3-1)(2-0)defeated Tharptown 68-0vs. Hatton
Sheffield(3-1)(2-0)defeated Hatton 17-16vs. Addison
Addison(3-1)(1-0)defeated Red Bay 39-12at Sheffield
Red Bay(3-1)(1-1)lost to Addison 39-12at Belmont MS
Tanner(0-4)(0-1)lost to Good Hope 32-0at Tharptown
Hatton(1-2)(0-2)lost to Sheffield 17-16at Colbert County
Tharptown(1-2)(0-2)lost to Colbert County 68-0vs. Tanner

Region 8    All    RegionLast WeekThis Week
Cedar Bluff(3-0)(2-0)defeated Sand Rock 26-0vs. Section
Fyffe(3-0)(2-0)defeated Collinsville 54-24vs. Asbury
Collinsville(3-1)(1-1)lost to Fyffe 54-24at Ider
North Sand Mountain(2-1)(1-1)defeated Asbury 54-14vs. Sand Rock
Sand Rock(2-1)(1-1)lost to Cedar Bluff 26-0at North Sand Mountain
Ider(1-2)(1-1)defeated Section 28-6vs. Collinsville
Section(1-2)(0-2)lost to Ider 28-6at Cedar Bluff
Asbury(1-3)(0-2)lost to North Sand Mountain 54-14at Fyffe


Great Moments in Alabama High School Football History

Bart Starr received coaching from Kentucky great Babe Parilli his senior season at Sidney Lanier in hopes of joining Bear Bryant at Kentucky. He had to settle for Alabama.