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 January 6, 2021

       It has been a troubling month or so with the problems at but hopefully all those are behind us now. I have spent most every day recently working on a solution for the long range plans of our site and have solutions in place which I think will work.

       With the support and help from numerous people we came up with a solution. I have moved the site to another server that has been tested and should work. If you are reading this article then everything is working so far since you are on the new server.

       That is not to say all is well. There could be underlying problems arise over the next few weeks and months that will need to be resolved but I have tested the new site all it seems to be working well on the surface. This is where I need your help. I had to copy all the thousands of files to the new server and it is possible I missed a few along the way. I had to make many new connections to the new databases and it is possible I missed some. If you see ANY page that is not working correctly or you get an error on ANY page please take the time to drop me an email with a link to that page. I will correct the issue.

       With thousands of pages it is not possible for me to check each one but I have checked many of them with no apparent issues. Together we can get this thing back to normal.

        A special thanks goes out to Loren Maxwell and Todd Henderson. Without these two guys I would be wandering around in the dark. They stepped up and helped me understand how to migrate the site and make things work. Also thanks to all the other fans who reached out in support. It is nice to know someone out there cares about 

         If you find any errors or cannot see a page please email me at

David Parker

Great Moments in Alabama High School Football History

Spence McCracken won a record 21 Area/Region Championships at Montgomery Academy, Lee Montgomery and Opelika during his coaching career.