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AHSFHS Article Series

   The best of the best in Alabama High   
  School Football over the past 100 seasons.

This Week's Standings 

Class 5A

Region 1    All    RegionLast WeekThis Week
UMS-Wright(6-0)(4-0)defeated Elberta 34-13at B.C. Rain
Gulf Shores(6-1)(4-1)defeated Williamson 51-12vs. Elberta
Faith Academy(5-1)(4-1)defeated Vigor 30-6at Pike Liberal Arts
Williamson(5-2)(3-2)lost to Gulf Shores 51-12vs. Citronelle
B.C. Rain(2-4)(2-2)defeated Citronelle 41-6vs. UMS-Wright
Vigor(3-3)(2-3)lost to Faith Academy 30-6vs. LeFlore
Elberta(1-5)(1-3)lost to UMS-Wright 34-13at Gulf Shores
Citronelle(0-6)(0-4)lost to B.C. Rain 41-6at Williamson
LeFlore(0-6)(0-4)did not playvs. Vigor

Region 2    All    RegionLast WeekThis Week
Charles Henderson(5-1)(3-0)defeated Rehobeth 27-15at Eufaula
Eufaula(5-1)(3-0)defeated Carroll 44-19vs. Charles Henderson
Headland(4-2)(2-1)defeated Greenville 38-22at Carroll
Carroll(3-3)(1-2)lost to Eufaula 44-19vs. Headland
Greenville(1-5)(0-3)lost to Headland 38-22at Rehobeth
Rehobeth(1-5)(0-3)lost to Charles Henderson 27-15vs. Greenville

Region 3    All    RegionLast WeekThis Week
Demopolis(6-1)(3-0)defeated Shelby County 48-6at Jemison
Selma(5-2)(2-1)defeated Marbury 30-14vs. Shelby County
Holtville(3-3)(2-1)defeated Jemison 49-16at Marbury
Shelby County(3-3)(1-2)lost to Demopolis 48-6at Selma
Jemison(2-4)(1-2)lost to Holtville 49-16vs. Demopolis
Marbury(2-5)(0-3)lost to Selma 30-14vs. Holtville

Region 4    All    RegionLast WeekThis Week
Beauregard(6-0)(3-0)defeated Sylacauga 38-7at Elmore County
Central Clay County(4-2)(3-0)defeated Valley 12-6at Sylacauga
Elmore County(4-2)(1-2)lost to Tallassee 26-20vs. Beauregard
Valley(3-3)(1-2)lost to Central Clay County 12-6at Tallassee
Tallassee(3-4)(1-2)defeated Elmore County 26-20vs. Valley
Sylacauga(0-7)(0-3)lost to Beauregard 38-7vs. Central Clay County

Region 5    All    RegionLast WeekThis Week
Ramsay(5-2)(4-0)defeated Wenonah 41-6vs. John Carroll
Pleasant Grove(5-1)(3-1)defeated John Carroll 48-13at Fairfield
Jasper(3-3)(3-1)defeated Hayden 25-13at Carver Birmingham
Hayden(3-3)(2-2)lost to Jasper 25-13vs. Wenonah
Carver Birmingham(3-3)(1-3)lost to Fairfield 21-0vs. Jasper
Wenonah(3-3)(1-3)lost to Ramsay 41-6at Hayden
John Carroll(1-5)(1-3)lost to Pleasant Grove 48-13at Ramsay
Fairfield(1-6)(1-3)defeated Carver Birmingham 21-0vs. Pleasant Grove

Region 6    All    RegionLast WeekThis Week
Moody(7-0)(3-0)defeated Springville 53-14at St. Clair County
Leeds(6-0)(3-0)defeated Southside Gadsden 24-6at Alexandria
Southside Gadsden(5-2)(3-1)lost to Leeds 24-6does not play
Alexandria(3-3)(3-1)defeated St. Clair County 54-26vs. Leeds
Lincoln(2-4)(0-3)lost to Munford 42-9at Springville
St. Clair County(0-6)(0-3)lost to Alexandria 54-26vs. Moody
Springville(0-7)(0-4)lost to Moody 53-14vs. Lincoln

Region 7    All    RegionLast WeekThis Week
Arab(6-1)(4-0)defeated Crossville 48-7at Boaz
Guntersville(6-1)(3-1)lost to Scottsboro 17-14does not play
Scottsboro(3-3)(2-1)defeated Guntersville 17-14vs. Sardis
Douglas(4-2)(1-2)defeated Sardis 49-8at Crossville
Sardis(3-3)(1-2)lost to Douglas 49-8at Scottsboro
Boaz(1-5)(1-2)did not playvs. Arab
Crossville(0-7)(0-4)lost to Arab 48-7vs. Douglas

Region 8    All    RegionLast WeekThis Week
Russellville(4-3)(4-0)defeated Brewer 58-0does not play
Fairview(5-1)(3-0)defeated Ardmore 42-12vs. Brewer
Ardmore(3-3)(2-1)lost to Fairview 42-12at West Point
Brewer(3-4)(2-2)lost to Russellville 58-0at Fairview
West Point(2-5)(1-2)defeated Lawrence County 14-7vs. Ardmore
East Limestone(1-5)(0-3)did not playvs. Lawrence County
Lawrence County(2-5)(0-4)lost to West Point 14-7at East Limestone


Great Moments in Alabama High School Football History

Luverne 'Toad' Wise was the first female football player in Alabama and may have been the first in the country. She was a kicker for the Escambia County Blue Devils in 1939-40.