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AHSFHS Article Series

   The best of the best in Alabama High   
  School Football over the past 100 seasons.

Clarke County Yearly Summary

Clarke County Bulldogs
Clarke County High School

P.O. Box 937 Grove Hill, AL 36451
Stadium: H.G. Prim Stadium
Colors: Royal Blue & White
Coach: Rob Carter
Region: 2A-R1
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   Overall   Playoffs   Region/Area Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   Region  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20232A*1-4119158R11-04619 Rob Carter  
20222A*7-62632322-17054R1#5-014623 Stacy Luker  
20212A*13-24852205-017997R1#6-021129 Stacy Luker  
20202A*8-32741201-15641R15-114542 Stacy Luker  
20194A*2-8129178R12-590111 Stacy Luker  
20184A*3-7163220R13-4139148 Stacy Luker  
20173A*11-34742233-113258R16-1243104 Stacy Luker  
20163A*4-6271271R13-4207183 Chris Young  
20154A*4-72182550-1043R12-4136132 Junior Kelley  
20144A*9-33412071-13945R15-116787 Junior Kelley  
20134A*3-7230245R13-4193147 Junior Kelley  
20124A*6-51901960-11417R15-2148123 Jason Massey  
20113A*4-6226221R13-4178144 Jason Massey  
20103A*4-6189227R13-4147132 Jack French  
20094A*2-7141214R12-5117176 Allan Floyd  
20084A*4-62031930-107R14-3180133 Allan Floyd  
20073A*12-1466782-17236R1#7-032312 Allan Floyd  
20063A*7-43061200-11422R1#7-026028 Allan Floyd  
20053A*6-52762370-11832R35-2207109 Allan Floyd  
20043A*8-33181650-1828R36-126093 Allan Floyd  
20033A*4-6214219R12-5125165 Allan Floyd  
20023A*5-52592060-11227R14-3208131 Duane Davis  
20014A*4-5229205R12-4132171 Duane Davis  
20004A*8-42561901-13440R13-310788 Duane Davis  
19994A*9-32601231-14435R2#2-03715 Duane Davis  
19984A*10-33222462-199102R2#2-07349 Duane Davis  
19974A*5-5117148R21-23959 Duane Davis  
19964A*8-42381171-13426R2#3-011015 Duane Davis  
19954A*10-2302761-1109R2#2-0967 Duane Davis  
19944A*10-32491062-15848R2#2-0656 Duane Davis  
19934A*6-51891570-11241R22-19521 Duane Davis  
19924A*3-81092390-12034R22-15447 Duane Davis  
19914A*5-61631660-1630R23-18744 Duane Davis  
19904A*7-43071420-12733R23-111568 Duane Davis  
19894A*0-1090317R10-32787 Bryce Tyson  
19884A*0-1084354R10-34299 William Wall  
19874A*2-8106210R10-21454 Randy Boggs  
19864A*1-977199R10-2741 Randy Boggs  
19853A*1-10912520-11627R21-12829 Bob Bumpers  
19843A*6-62442091-12929R21-14921 Bob Bumpers  
19833A*2-867194R11-42694 Bob Bumpers  
19823A*6-4122102R12-35474 Bob Bumpers  
19813A*4-6100160R12-457112 Bob Bumpers  
19803A*2-844143R11-52291 Bob Bumpers  
19793A*5-5148147R13-39079 Bob Bumpers  
19783A*5-5151160R12-47698 Larry Moulton  
19773A*7-3168120R16-115461 Larry Moulton  
19763A*5-4-1139120R13-47892 Larry Moulton  
19753A*4-693133R21-32841 Gerald Stephens  
19743A*6-4303117R20-22641 Gerald Stephens  
19733A*4-3-1152135 Gerald Stephens  
19723A*2-7-1138276 Bill Henry  
19713A*2-838258 Bill Henry  
19702A*5-5190183 Bill Henry  
19692A*2-8106309 Wilfred Hultz  
19682A*4-6245148 Wilfred Hultz  
19672A*3-7138196 Wilfred Hultz  
19662A*2-7107199 Esker Moseley  
19652A*3-5-184132 Esker Moseley  
19642A*3-4-28599 Hannis Red Prim  
19632A*3-3-411599 Hannis Red Prim  
1962*3-6-193160 Hannis Red Prim  
1961*4-6174165 Hannis Red Prim  
1960*6-4177112 Hannis Red Prim  
1959*3-6-1149138 Hannis Red Prim  
1958*9-0-126556 Hannis Red Prim  
1957*6-315570 Hannis Red Prim  
1956*9-127052 Hannis Red Prim  
1955*1-6-34798 Hannis Red Prim  
1954*2-5-398113 Hannis Red Prim  
1953*5-3-214579 Hannis Red Prim  
1952*8-1-117888 Hannis Red Prim  
1951*4-4-274158 Hannis Red Prim  
1950*5-3-2115182 Hannis Red Prim  
1949*1-921234 Hannis Red Prim  
1948*5-3-215779 H.C. Elmore  
1947*7-2-114366 H.C. Elmore  
1946*5-3-111899 Emile Red Barnes  
1945*4-2-110772 Emile Red Barnes  
1944*4-4-1130100 Emile Red Barnes  
1943*3-23945 Emile Red Barnes  
1942*1-61997 Emile Red Barnes  
1941*4-3-112573 Hannis Red Prim  
1940*6-1-218646 H.C. Elmore  
1939*8-117244 H.C. Elmore  
1938*6-313293 H.C. Elmore  
1937*3-4-210290 H.C. Elmore  
1936*3-4-16598 Hannis Red Prim  
1935*5-312683 Forrest Lee Matthews  
1934*6-318266 Forrest Lee Matthews  
1933*5-1-27851 Forrest Lee Matthews  
19324-3-15344 Harbin Red Lawson  
1931*5-38977 J.M. Bonner  
1930*4-3-13964 J.M. Bonner  
19290-7-219186 Frank Echols  
1928*4-412691 Frank Echols  
1927*6-325526 Frank Echols  
1926*4-2-25132 C.C. Pugh  
1925*4-1-37966 Osborne Red Fair  
1924*3-3-16368 O.L. Edwards  
1923*6-1-218542 O.L. Edwards  
1922*3-2-28240 O.L. Edwards  
1921*7-2-135335 Hayden  
1920*6-222368 W.B. Stallard  
1917*4-210338 Coma Garrett Jr.  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
Join us in the forums to submit corrections and new information.

Great Moments in Alabama High School Football History

Collinsville completed the 1931 season with a record of 1-4-5. The five ties will forever be a state record since all games are now decided by overtime.