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AHSFHS Article Series

   The best of the best in Alabama High   
  School Football over the past 100 seasons.

Marion County Yearly Summary

Marion County Red Raiders
Marion County High School

P.O. Box 549 Guin, AL 35563
Stadium: Don Jones Field at Bill Rayburn Staduim
Colors: Red & White
Coach: Kyle Williams
Region: 1A-R5
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   Overall   Playoffs   Region/Area Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   Region  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20221A*9-44702792-110068R56-2320136 Kyle Williams  
20211A*7-43122090-12848R64-3161143 Kyle Williams  
20201A*5-5284241R62-5170214 Kyle Williams  
20191A*5-5279292R63-4183232 Kyle Williams  
20181A*7-42932150-1055R64-3200140 Kyle Williams  
20171A*2-8228419R52-4117222 Kyle Williams  
20161A*2-8178310R52-4121180 Kyle Williams  
20151A*2-8199305R62-4123121 Brandon Wilcox  
20141A*8-64553973-1168104R64-2227157 Brandon Wilcox  
20131A*6-4460330R54-3320235 Russell Funk  
20121A*13-27002534-1213122R5#7-034989 Russell Funk  
20111A*14-16853405-017598R5#6-1384180 Russell Funk  
20101A*8-44614151-18385R5#6-1299215 Russell Funk  
20091A*4-6156204R73-5133164 Russell Funk  
20081A*2-8123382R71-786300 Patrick Sutton  
20071A*7-43262550-12245R56-1248120 Patrick Sutton  
20061A*3-7129321R51-663259 Patrick Sutton  
20051A*3-7188372R72-5131233 Barry Peoples  
20041A*5-62063490-1048R73-4152213 Barry Peoples  
20031A*3-6163244R72-4101165 Barry Peoples  
20021A*9-22851310-11420R76-118876 Barry Peoples  
20011A*5-51631210-1614R73-210272 Barry Peoples  
20001A*6-52922421-13328R73-2173115 Barry Peoples  
19992A*8-2220118R161-24765 Barry Peoples  
19982A*8-32931620-1021R162-110587 Barry Peoples  
19971A*10-2203952-14133R9#3-05224 Barry Peoples  
19961A*4-61412510-12241R92-15365 Barry Peoples  
19951A*2-8119243R121-22769 Barry Peoples  
19941A*10-22701451-1356R12#3-06231 Barry Peoples  
19931A*7-52391781-11645R122-16953 Barry Peoples  
19921A*5-5185170R121-22469 Doug Goodwin  
19912A*4-71242210-1030R102-13433 Doug Goodwin  
19902A*5-5188176R101-26161 Doug Goodwin  
19892A*5-598218R101-23484 Doug Goodwin  
19882A*1-948285R100-32589 Doug Goodwin  
19872A*4-6115188R140-32677 Doug Goodwin  
19862A*7-42311520-11031R14#3-09444 Mike Bates  
19852A*10-2296671-14926R93-06914 Mike Bates  
19842A*7-52742621-13463R92-18962 Mike Bates  
19831A*9-2279144R145-116494 Mike Bates  
19821A*7-42141180-1721R14#5-112539 Mike Bates  
19811A*3-7108146R142-478107 Mike Bates  
19801A*2-8119248R142-499146 Darrell Burham  
19791A*0-1063297R140-512159 Clint Floyd  
19781A*4-6135151R144-19446 Clint Floyd  
19771A*2-8125279R142-36090 Clint Floyd  
19761A*2-877257R142-36095 Doyle Earnest  
19751A*3-6-1158200 Doyle Earnest  
19741A*4-6171213 Barry Edwards  
19731A*12-0462873-011126 Bill Rayburn  
19721A*12-13291293-010762 Bill Rayburn  
19711A*13-04381033-012633 Bill Rayburn  
19702A*5-4-1143100 Bill Rayburn  
19692A*4-695125 Bill Rayburn  
19682A*2-8154243 Jimmy Atchinson  
19672A6-2-2198128 Joe Hubbert  
19661A*8-2240116 Joe Hubbert  
19651A*3-4-391106 Joe Hubbert  
19641A*5-573130 Joe Hubbert  
19631A*3-6-169138 Joe Hubbert  
1962*3-7122201 Joe Hubbert  
1961*4-4-2103106 Joe Hubbert  
19602-7-158186 L.C. Fowler  
19594-3-213378 L.C. Fowler  
1958*6-1-321283 Durrell Mock  
1957*4-5-1127100 Durrell Mock  
19560-837187 Durrell Mock  
19550-839143 Wiley Robbins  
1954*2-7-146179 James Lee.  
1953*2-7-189185 James Lee.  
1952*2-7-155239 Fray Carter  
19513-58498 Fray Carter  
1950*8-1-122277 Fray Carter  
19494-4-197124 Fray Carter  
19481-6-131179 Glen Miller  
1946*4-55567 Shelton Akers  
1945*5-410198 Shelton Akers  
1944*6-320180 Shelton Akers  
19412-658126 Raymond Turner  
19405-0-212439 Buddy Braley  
1939*6-2-115397 Buddy Braley  
19382-5-151136 Ralph Mills  
19370-7-118198 S.A. Lott  
1936*7-1-121445 Marvin Smith  
1935*5-2-212129 Marvin Smith  
1934*6-1-210129 Marvin Smith  
1933*6-29825 Marvin Smith  
1932*9-016012 Marvin Smith  
1931*7-0-312819 Marvin Smith  
1930*8-1-124426 Marvin Smith  
1929*8-0-132325 Marvin Smith  
1928*0-3-1639 Marvin Smith  
19262-312120 McKullin  
19253-2-14233 Eubanks  
1924*7-316629 J.M. Brown  
19234-0-1746 J.M. Brown  
19222-2-19416 J.M. Brown  
19211-662128 Dexter Hovater  
19204-19023 Dexter Hovater  
1918      No Team
1917*0-000 Dr. T.L. Smith  
1916*5-03307 Dr. T.L. Smith  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
Join us in the forums to submit corrections and new information.

Great Moments in Alabama High School Football History

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