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AHSFHS Article Series

   The best of the best in Alabama High   
  School Football over the past 100 seasons.

Pickens County Yearly Summary

Pickens County Tornados
Pickens County High School

P.O. Box 1239 Reform, AL 35481
Stadium: G.S. Spruill Stadium
Colors: Cardinal, White & Black
Coach: Michael Williams
Region: 1A-R5
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   Overall   Playoffs   Region/Area Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   Region  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20221A*11-45653334-1182147R57-135383 Michael Williams  
20211A*11-34742733-1185124R6#7-021751 Michael Williams  
20201A*11-43992944-1153110R66-1230102 Michael Williams  
20191A*11-34292293-110180R6#7-025688 Michael Williams  
20181A*9-54311543-111635R66-129683 Michael Williams  
20171A*12-34921614-116351R5#6-028651 James Thompson  
20161A*11-45943344-119486R5#6-030671 James Thompson  
20152A*8-43582601-15296R45-123959 James Thompson  
20142A*7-43182290-12135R4#6-025866 Nick Roberson  
20131A*15-06692025-020696R5#7-035853 Patrick Plott  
20121A*11-35882263-119174R56-130993 Patrick Plott  
20111A*11-25832012-19958R46-137074 Patrick Plott  
20101A*7-53642751-13843R45-2286132 Scott Marchant  
20092A*12-24581723-113072R4#7-026048 Scott Marchant  
20082A*11-24671542-16029R4#7-030958 Patrick Plott  
20072A*9-34302171-14758R46-130897 Jack Cook  
20062A*7-53221781-13321R46-124780 Jack Cook  
20052A*8-32821740-12030R4#6-117170 Jack Cook  
20042A*3-7137241R43-491170 James Tidwell  
20032A*4-6184263R43-4141169 James Tidwell  
20022A*6-52071920-11448R44-313388 John Montgomery  
20012A*10-43082113-19772R55-217088 John Montgomery  
20002A*7-53102201-14035R55-2221129 John Montgomery  
19992A*8-32591250-1615R112-16637 John Montgomery  
19982A*5-5167177R112-17249 John Montgomery  
19972A*9-32471451-1618R112-19559 John Montgomery  
19962A*9-42421622-13626R111-24154 John Montgomery  
19952A*11-32531603-15163R9#3-06215 John Montgomery  
19942A*2-858149R91-21322 John Montgomery  
19932A*1-971238R90-31454 Garth Moss  
19922A*2-91212740-11518R9#2-15040 Garth Moss  
19913A*0-1084397R70-2765 Garth Moss  
19903A*1-9492110-106R71-11719 Benny Burns  
19893A*1-975247R61-34094 Mark E. Ford  
19883A*3-787213R62-24172 Mark E. Ford  
19873A*7-52101211-12720R11#3-06523 Mark E. Ford  
19863A*4-6113102R111-22742 Mark E. Ford  
19853A*6-413682R91-21330 Mark E. Ford  
19843A*5-5123152R91-23878 Johnny Williams  
19832A*2-886193R91-35388 Glen James  
19822A*7-3128109R93-15616 Glen James  
19812A*1-816880R91-39650 Glen James  
19802A*4-69498R92-25545 Glen James  
19792A*6-411989R92-24246 Glen James  
19782A*7-41991560-11526R9#3-18466 Richard Abston  
19772A*6-4153128R92-14216 Richard Abston  
19762A*9-1-1297530-11221R9#4-01196 Richard Abston  
19752A*8-3243580-11319R15# Jack Cook  
19743A*8-223655R15 Jack Cook  
19733A*8-2186102 Jack Cook  
19723A*2-873187 Jack Cook  
19713A*4-6117183 Reed Hughes  
19702A*6-4131117 Reed Hughes  
19692A*6-416177 Billy Pugh  
19682A*6-4148142 John Akins  
19672A*6-2-217991 John Akins  
19661A*7-221880 John Akins  
19651A*5-4194122 John Akins  
19641A*4-6138148 H.C. Elmore  
19631A*7-319597 H.C. Elmore  
1962*8-220278 L.C. Fowler  
1961*7-2-114733 L.C. Fowler  
1960*4-5-1141129 Sentell Harper  
1959*9-123679 Sentell Harper  
1958*9-121033 J.T. Elmore  
1957*7-217585 J.T. Elmore  
1956*9-0-135174 J.T. Elmore  
1955*9-1231102 J.T. Elmore  
1954*8-0-218152 H.C. Elmore  
1953*7-319178 H.C. Elmore  
1952*8-217798 H.C. Elmore  
1951*10-034139 H.C. Elmore  
1950*10-022018 H.C. Elmore  
1949*4-5144110 H.C. Elmore  
1948*5-419590 R.W. Bates  
1947*8-224564 R.W. Bates  
1946*5-415490 R.W. Bates  
19457-23343 R.W. Bates  
19442-650134 Grady Elmore  
1943*5-4112106 Grady Elmore  
19427-2111123 Jimmy Carter  
19412-24663 Jimmy Carter  
19401-80116 John Garrett  
1939*4-558141 D.M. Carson  
1938*9-025142 Ed Lockhart  
1937*7-1-118250 Ed Lockhart  
1936*7-11808 E.L. Miller  
19357-115739 Joe Ray  
1934*5-37370 J.G. Burroughs  
1933*0-8-113147 M.H. Sherer  
1932*4-3-15558 M.H. Sherer  
1931*4-497108 C.E. Spearman  
19302-4-24563 Earl Smith  
19292-419142 Dwight Ox Clark  
1928*5-115967 Dick Hamner  
19273-16919 W.C. Edge  
1926*7-2-137781 D.L. St. John  
19256-4-123845 Homer Jackson  
1924*7-118385 Homer Jackson  
1923*4-412290 Homer Jackson  
19222-547239 Ben Davis  
19214-4102269 Mercer Gerwin  
1918      No Team

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
Join us in the forums to submit corrections and new information.

Great Moments in Alabama High School Football History

Bart Starr received coaching from Kentucky great Babe Parilli his senior season at Sidney Lanier in hopes of joining Bear Bryant at Kentucky. He had to settle for Alabama.