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East Marion Eagles

 Perry Wheat 
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 Team   Season  Class   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   District  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA 
Purvis2017 4A6-74094612-1959572-3208220
Purvis2016 4A9-43572752-1525474-115878
Purvis2015 4A7-52752181-131337#5-017162
Purvis2014 4A11-34333063-113510774-1164122
Purvis2013 4A9-34132311-1622874-1189124
Purvis2012 4A6-53302210-1203173-214680
Purvis2011 4A7-42712270-1142174-114393
Purvis2010 4A10-24131871-1512785-120397
Purvis2009 4A6-52802600-1243184-2158139
Purvis2008 3A7-43112040-1206084-218789
Purvis2007 3A6-63003371-1486083-3171187
Purvis2006 3A2-812328180-664194
 12 Years86-563915320811-11552547-
Perry Central
Perry Central2005 2A10-33241903-1545884-216198
Perry Central2004 2A9-23331610-1223685-117987
Perry Central2003 2A7-52871841-1422483-3150126
 3 Years26-109445354-31181180-000
Columbia Academy
Columbia Academy2001 MAIS-AA3-817428041-351104
Columbia Academy2000 MAIS-AA3-814032442-262112
 2 Years6-163146040-0000-000
Forrest County AHS
Forrest County AHS1999 3A8-225214384-214288
Forrest County AHS1998 3A6-52571830-1273384-115549
Forrest County AHS1997 3A7-42762720-1215184-1120102
Forrest County AHS1996 3A6-522722083-28578
Forrest County AHS1995 3A4-715721881-47092
 5 Years31-23116910360-248840-000
Magee1994 4A6-321811654-215182
Magee1993 4A13-13651533-167585#6-016552
Magee1992 4A9-2331961-159275#6-019029
 3 Years28-69143654-2126850-000
Forrest County AHS
Forrest County AHS1991 3A6-419615884-213076
Forrest County AHS1990 3A7-42531860-11238153-213856
Forrest County AHS1989 3A10-33041182-1593715#4-111131
Forrest County AHS1988 3A8-2194110153-14840
Forrest County AHS1987 3A10-22321271-1414015#4-08631
Forrest County AHS1986 3A8-3274961-157218 N#3-110842
Forrest County AHS1985 3A7-2136508 N3-15822
Forrest County AHS1984 3A4-6100988 N2-24140
Forrest County AHS1983 A7-31141058 N3-13820
Forrest County AHS1982 A7-3148748 N2-13822
Forrest County AHS1981 A4-5107868 N2-13524
Forrest County AHS1980 2-8-156171
 12 Years80-45-1211413794-41691360-000
Seminary1979 9-2303137
Seminary1978 6-4207102
Seminary1977 2-730296
 3 Years17-135405350-0000-000
 40 Years274-169-19910766223-221013970-

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