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Long Beach Yearly Summary

Long Beach Bearcats
Long Beach High School

300 East Old Pass Road Long Beach, MS
Stadium: Lance Lumpkin Stadium
Colors: Maroon, White & Gray
Coach: Jacob Massey

   Overall   Playoffs   District Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   District  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20236A*2-922345740-561224 Jacob Massey  
20225A*0-1120755740-7111377 Jacob Massey  
20215A*0-910644040-760351 Ryan Ross  
20205A*1-96320840-729155 Ryan Ross  
20195A*1-1019752240-774363 Philip Pigott  
20185A*3-828046541-6137334 Philip Pigott  
20175A*6-539431643-4266268 Forrest Williams  
20165A*3-925241041-6181280 Forrest Williams  
20155A*3-921439842-5124253 Forrest Williams  
20145A*2-820743642-5146293 Forrest Williams  
20135A*0-1011345740-789319 Bo Vonderbruegge  
20125A*1-916649841-6132347 Tommy Browder  
20115A*8-43893441-1386245-2258204 Tommy Browder  
20105A*10-24461790-1212347-029884 Tommy Browder  
20095A*5-72833650-1214743-4169190 Tommy Browder  
20084A*1-78429881-571214 Sean Harden  
20074A*3-71882940-174382-4138175 Sean Harden  
20064A*8-32901941-1334084-2175112 Sean Harden  
20054A*5-21761100-16218#4-113662 Sean Harden  
20045A*4-618823242-5102164 Sean Harden  
20035A*5-520023042-5115187 Sean Harden  
20025A*4-727025341-6150203 Sean Harden  
20015A*2-810628641-690210 Sean Harden  
2000Ind*4-62062340 Sean Harden  
1999Ind*6-52862690 Joey DAngelo  
19984A*6-420120183-4131148 Joey DAngelo  
19974A*4-615115782-590123 Joey DAngelo  
19964A*4-618416881-567106 Joey DAngelo  
19954A*4-611919281-549149 Joey DAngelo  
19944A*5-524820283-4169145 Joey DAngelo  
19934A*4-613314382-5114126 Joey DAngelo  
1992Ind*3-6971910 Joey DAngelo  
19904A*1-99622980-435113 Jay McCormick  
1988Ind1-8742540 Barry Gibson  
19875A*1-98026780-32098 Paul Magee  
19865A*2-81252498 W0-32195 Paul Magee  
1985Ind*4-5771240 Paul Magee  
19845A*2-8932278 N1-32678 Tom Boszor  
1983AA*1-9452418 S1-526140 Tom Boszor  
1982AA*4-61251488 S1-553119 Tom Boszor  
1981AA*5-41581248 S2-37387 Tom Boszor  
Conference Years
   Overall      Conference Record 
      (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA      Conference  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
1980*7-316098Gulf Coast2-14834 Tom Boszor  
19796-4123102Gulf Coast2-24462   
19783-8129204Gulf Coast1-35597   
1977*5-4142139Gulf Coast2-24387 Earl Nelson  
1976*4-5-1131154Gulf Coast2-377103 Earl Nelson  
1975*4-677144Gulf Coast2-44880 Tommie Seals  
1974*6-413994Gulf Coast*3-16124 Tommie Seals  
1973*11-020564Gulf Coast*6-010945 Tommie Seals  
1972*4-6107174Gulf Coast1-545143 Bobby Jones.  
1971*5-515893Gulf Coast2-38254 Bobby Jones.  
1970*4-6171218Gulf Coast2-377111 Bobby Jones.  
1969*2-7103233Gulf Coast Bobby Jones.  
1968*5-5245246Gulf Coast Louis McKissack  
1967*7-3197154Gulf Coast Louis McKissack  
1966*5-6201183Gulf Coast Jerry Taylor  
1965*3-6-1125228Gulf Coast Jerry Taylor  
19648-216365Gulf Coast Jerry Taylor  
1963*6-2-212481Gulf Coast Paul Magee  
1962*6-3-118189Gulf Coast Paul Magee  
1961*11-038957 Paul Magee  
1960*5-5163155Gulf Coast Paul Magee  
1959*6-4193113 Paul Magee  
1958*7-4164139DeSoto Paul Magee  
1957*6-4126128DeSoto Paul Magee  
1956*9-130263 Paul Magee  
1955*7-4249100 Ed Evans  
1952*8-221077 Lance Lumpkin  
1951*5-4-1162151 Lance Lumpkin  
19506-414984 Lance Lumpkin  
19491-3-25580 Lance Lumpkin  
19481-23653 Lance Lumpkin  
19470-2726 Lance Lumpkin  
19469-110331 Lance Lumpkin  
19451-14840 Lance Lumpkin  
19444-19533 Lance Lumpkin  
19431-11327 Lance Lumpkin  
19420-000 Lance Lumpkin  
19410-4085 Lance Lumpkin  
19400-1012 Sankey Koen  
19392-14046 Cohan  
19340-0-166 T.A. Jackson  
19301-15451 Googe  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
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