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Pass Christian Yearly Summary

Pass Christian Pirates
Pass Christian High School

720 West North Street Pass Christian, MS
Stadium: McDonald Stadium
Colors: Scarlet & Royal Blue
Coach: Jeff Stockstill

   Overall   Playoffs   District Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   District  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20244A0-0008 Jeff Stockstill  
20234A*9-33961792-1825583-112776 Jeff Stockstill  
20224A*5-52102610-1124082-262108 Chase Carmody  
20214A*5-42261870-10382-2132115 Chase Carmody  
20204A*1-617825380-392126 Chase Carmody  
20194A*8-44093271-1416883-1142108 Blake Pennock  
20184A*1-910229980-527154 Casey Wittmann  
20174A*5-61942300-171483-290106 Kenneth Wittmann  
20164A*5-62762990-1216382-3113122 Kenneth Wittmann  
20154A*5-521714282-39187 Kenneth Wittmann  
20144A*2-823936880-586203 Kenneth Wittmann  
20134A*1-911935780-549229 Kenneth Wittmann  
20123A*1-816931981-5112209 Casey Wittmann  
20113A*2-820529882-4157196 Casey Wittmann  
20104A*3-718628881-594181 Casey Wittmann  
20094A*0-105437180-626237 Casey Wittmann  
20083A*2-815128082-487143 Kelly Causey  
20073A*1-915635180-671201 Kelly Causey  
20064A*2-825640181-5131245 Kelly Causey  
20054A*1-710630580-572179 Kelly Causey  
20044A*0-1011533780-649200 Kelly Causey  
20034A*4-71752430-172883-3101101 Bo VonderBruegge  
20024A*3-710719181-561129 Bo VonderBruegge  
20014A*9-23601960-102885-121095 Bo VonderBruegge  
20003A*5-616424082-486172 Bo VonderBruegge  
19993A*1-911027881-578177 Bo VonderBruegge  
19983A*2-89529681-433115 Gavin Lott  
19973A*4-519619081-4117141 Gavin Lott  
19963A*1-813423280-550151 Joseph Brown  
19953A*0-106328280-522137 Joseph Brown  
19942A*7-420321483-29693 Joseph Brown  
19932A*5-616917382-37852 Joseph Brown  
19922A*3-712022082-451137 Joseph Brown  
19912A*7-31248983-36682 Joseph Brown  
19903A*7-324283163-213152 Joseph Brown  
19893A*4-6128164163-27787 Joseph Brown  
19883A1-9101249160-42796 Joseph Brown  
19873A*0-1038347160-414158 Alton Wright  
19863A*3-71632278 S2-373105 Alton Wright  
19853A*2-7751618 S2-33785 Alton Wright  
19843A*8-32331338 S4-110242 Kenneth McKinney  
1983A*3-71101228 S1-55381 Kenneth McKinney  
1982A*3-7982278 S1-537122 Bob Lumpkin  
1981A*5-51551138 S3-39645 Bob Lumpkin  
Conference Years
   Overall      Conference Record 
      (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA      Conference  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
19803-6-18988Pascagoula River2-3-16959 Bob Lumpkin  
1979*4-6132147Pascagoula River3-38979 Bob Lumpkin  
1978*8-3247134Pascagoula River6-2173103 Bob Lumpkin  
1977*8-3268120Pascagoula River6-120163 Bob Rogers  
1976*6-4192103Pascagoula River5-215064 Bob Rogers  
1975*10-128288Pascagoula River*7-021552 Bob Rogers  
1974*9-1-121589Pascagoula River*7-0-117255 Bill Stevens  
1973*7-315652Pascagoula River6-114820 Bill Stevens  
1972*4-6-1147138Pascagoula River3-411584 Bill Stevens  
1971*6-4182117Pascagoula River4-212256 Kenny Lyons  
1970*6-2-2197122Pascagoula River5-1-115778 Kenny Lyons  
1969*7-220887Pascagoula River5-113867 Kenny Lyons  
1968*6-4188161Pascagoula River4-3117129 Kenny Lyons  
1967*4-6119222Gulf Coast3-476142 Kenny Lyons  
1966*5-5173208Gulf Coast4-4118189 Kenny Lyons  
1965*2-6-281206Gulf Coast1-5-257187 Lawrence Allen  
19640-729143Gulf Coast0-521116 Lawrence Allen  
1963*3-6-1107177Gulf Coast2-5-188158 Lawrence Allen  
1962*7-3142102Gulf Coast4-28147 Lawrence Allen  
19615-4108114Gulf Coast Lawrence Allen  
1960*1-939259Gulf Coast H.T. Godfrey  
1959*1-833240 Tom Ferrill  
1958*4-5-1176194 Tom Ferrill  
1957*3-5-187180DeSoto Tom Ferrill  
1956*6-3163117 Tom Ferrill  
19556-4187126 Jack Holloway  
1954*3-5-1105165 Charles Walsh  
1953*7-223180 Jack Holloway  
19522-5-290155 Norman Hall  
19514-4-138137 Norman Hall  
19502-4-139128 Norman Hall  
19494-215990 Bob Stevens  
19460-2673 W.A. Vincent  
19291-1720 Francis McDonald  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
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