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South Pike Yearly Summary

South Pike Eagles
South Pike High School

205 West Myrtle Street Magnolia, MS
Stadium: Colee Field
Colors: Green & Gold
Coach: Tyrone Varnado

   Overall   Playoffs   District Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   District  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20243A0-0007 Tyrone Varnado  
20233A*7-43262690-163573-111898 Tyrone Varnado  
20224A*2-817435961-482162 Jeremy Jones  
20214A*3-61481840-173562-311786 Brinson Wall  
20204A*7-42802001-1464364-112672 Brinson Wall  
20194A*13-15441322-1116446#5-015451 Brinson Wall  
20184A*11-36222792-190916#5-028257 Brinson Wall  
20174A*10-44453712-1921206#5-018594 Brinson Wall  
20164A*4-619128961-471174 Brinson Wall  
20154A*2-815529661-470171 John Culpepper  
20144A*3-724228870-591166 Michael Andrews  
20134A*1-916439370-544221 Michael Andrews  
20124A*1-910626371-470132 Michael Andrews  
20114A*8-63002252-1786672-312094 Willie Brown  
20104A*3-82002850-103073-2138118 Willie Brown  
20094A*4-71482040-14772-36488 Randall Huffman  
20083A*6-31621211-1353174-29990 Randall Huffman  
20073A*6-41381450-118207#5-110888 Randall Huffman  
20063A*6-52331820-1122074-2161120 Randall Huffman  
20053A*13-14851463-192637#6-027451 Randall Huffman  
20044A*11-24361722-1544765-122075 Randall Huffman  
20034A*9-34132441-1497264-2208137 Randall Huffman  
20024A*10-24001151-142106#6-123553 Greg Wall  
20014A*12-3309994-164196#5-116527 Greg Wall  
20004A*5-528315862-311070 Clarence Morgan  
19994A*9-23591540-172764-113461 Clarence Morgan  
19984A*10-23811191-139466#7-129773 Clarence Morgan  
19974A*9-33421891-1386367-126695 Clarence Morgan  
19964A*8-2243900-10765-115356 Clarence Morgan  
19954A*10-13481501-127526#6-023263 Greg Wall  
19944A*10-34001063-11165866-127235 Greg Wall  
19934A*11-24821392-171486#6-029330 Greg Wall  
19924A*13-15171454-098417#6-024539 Greg Wall  
19914A*11-24111042-180207#6-018054 Greg Wall  
19904A*8-42471252-125367#2-05113 Greg Wall  
19894A*12-1305714-0114187#2-0480 Greg Wall  
19884A*9-22421140-192672-16424 Greg Wall  
19874A*10-1-1347861-141287#3-011427 Greg Wall  
19864A*10-2223882-128187#3-06720 Greg Wall  
19854A*7-222412272-15846 Greg Wall  
19844A*8-221512571-24353 Greg Wall  
1983AA*9-12726174-112821 Greg Wall  
1982AA*7-22398773-211258 Greg Wall  
1981AA*4-51161647 S#2-0500 Greg Wall  
Conference Years
   Overall      Conference Record 
      (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA      Conference  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
1980*8-225892Ind Greg Wall  
1979*7-2197102Ind Greg Wall  
1978*8-3236146Ind Greg Wall  
1977*10-030779Ind Greg Wall  
1976*8-126958Ind Greg Wall  
1975*5-3-1148116Ind Greg Wall  
1974*4-6143182Ind Greg Wall  
1973*1-968219Ind Jerry Taylor  
19722-6118240Ind Jerry Taylor  
1971*4-315287Ind Jerry Taylor  
1970*3-6125173Ind Jerry Taylor  
1969*4-6148168Confederate3-28175 John Laird  
1968*5-5134148Confederate3-27884 John Laird  
1967*4-5-1164187Confederate3-1-111475 John Laird  
19664-3-2162185Confederate2-1-28462 Will Davis  
1965*5-4-1222141Confederate3-2-115174 Will Davis  
1964*6-2-1262112Confederate4-1-118280 Will Davis  
1963*9-130362Tangipahoa7-022728 Will Davis  
1962*8-124173Tangipahoa5-113240 Will Davis  
1961*6-313697Tangipahoa4-211078 Will Davis  
1960*6-2-114782Tangipahoa4-110747 Will Davis  
1959*9-122479Tangipahoa5-113155 Will Davis  
1958*3-698138Tangipahoa2-47291 Will Davis  
1957*5-4173135Tangipahoa4-3133109 Joe Blaylock  
1956*9-139638Tangipahoa8-037126 Joe Blaylock  
1955*1-950222Tangipahoa1-644146 W.E. Ainsworth  
1954*1-839229Tangipahoa1-633157 W.E. Ainsworth  
1953*7-1-124661Tangipahoa6-021237 Walter Varnado  
19526-212432Tangipahoa5-110519 Walter Varnado  
1951*8-2328100 Walter Varnado  
1950*3-4-2120117Tangipahoa1-4-150104 Raymond Casper  
1949*8-219765Tangipahoa6-112746 Walter Varnado  
1948*12-2289123Tangipahoa7-017825 Walter Varnado  
19475-57984 Walter Varnado  
19461-21325 James Hunter  
19450-1039 Edwin Guy  
19440-000 David Holland  
19430-000 David Holland  
19420-1746 David Holland  
19410-100 David Holland  
19400-1-107 Joel Hitt  
19393-5-161141 James Wade  
1938*5-4135149 James Wade  
19374-1-19131 Joe Baxter  
19361-21934 Joe Baxter  
19352-21563 Joe Baxter  
19261-177 O.L. Colee  
19251-0250 O.L. Colee  
19240-0-166 O.L. Colee  
19231-13118 O.L. Colee  
19220-1625 O.L. Colee  
19211-11919 O.L. Colee  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
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