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Greene County Yearly Summary

Greene County Wildcats
Greene County High School

4336 High School Road Leakesville, MS
Colors: Blue & Silver
Coach: Michael King

   Overall   Playoffs   District Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   District  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20234A*4-72743621-1485782-290137 Michael King  
20224A*5-63093630-1214982-2130133 Michael King  
20214A*4-523929681-3115123 Michael King  
20204A*3-411317171-461158 Rotch Dungan  
20194A*8-43121641-147377#5-017627 Michael King  
20184A*9-43361811-1422574-117365 Michael King  
20174A*11-23642321-1604074-1201137 Michael King  
20164A*4-73224210-1145672-3160184 Johnny Ainsworth  
20154A*1-914630370-577154 Johnny Ainsworth  
20144A*1-911928051-456124 Johnny Ainsworth  
20134A*6-63452661-1341453-2161115 Johnny Ainsworth  
20124A*10-55103304-115611083-2184114 Johnny Ainsworth  
20114A*7-53053061-1554884-1133139 Johnny Ainsworth  
20104A*5-73262820-1222683-3166160 Johnny Ainsworth  
20094A*10-53672603-1888184-2167109 Johnny Ainsworth  
20083A*5-62632910-1262884-2152117 Johnny Ainsworth  
20073A*7-42882430-17258#6-019692 Johnny Ainsworth  
20063A*5-61972980-1263784-2123121 Johnny Ainsworth  
20053A*9-33731792-173348#6-022172 Johnny Ainsworth  
20043A*7-42641771-137488#6-021435 Johnny Ainsworth  
20033A*11-43471695-01323985-116668 Johnny Ainsworth  
20023A*12-1337882-177388#7-015731 Johnny Ainsworth  
20013A*8-42691831-1523485-114587 Johnny Ainsworth  
20003A*9-33331260-171385-119248 Johnny Ainsworth  
19993A*11-1322790-10278#6-017520 Johnny Ainsworth  
19984A*7-431515783-4169147 Johnny Ainsworth  
19974A*9-326313884-3104100 Johnny Ainsworth  
19964A*2-88021080-622150 Mike Chatham  
19954A*1-99825581-551129 Mike Chatham  
19944A*1-811829771-582193 Danny Adams  
19934A*1-87323670-658169 Hilton Baucum/Richard Fleming  
19924A*3-812124261-534155 Hilton Baucum  
19914A*3-716719661-592148 Hilton Baucum  
19903A*0-1076345150-544148 Steve Stringfellow  
19893A*0-1031259150-519146 Hal Holmes  
19884A*3-6-118623960-347120 Barry Sharpe  
19874A*0-93122860-3993 Hilton Baucum  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

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