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Saint Stanislaus Yearly Summary

Saint Stanislaus Rock-A-Chaws
Saint Stanislaus High School

304 South Beach Blvd. Bay St. Louis, MS
Stadium: Brother Philip Memorial Stadium
Colors: Red & Black
Coach: Tim Lala

   Overall   Playoffs   District Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   District  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20233A0-0008 Tim Lala  
20223A*7-53212431-1664483-110932 Nate Encrapera  
20213A*4-62412390-1314283-2140104 Nate Encrapera  
20204A*6-31771650-151382-16884 Nate Encrapera  
20194A*6-53742810-1143582-2164126 Nate Encrapera  
20184A*5-62112970-1122884-110162 Nate Encrapera  
20174A*6-63012111-1664983-213277 Jeff Jordan  
20164A*10-24742461-178448#5-022986 Bill Conides  
20154A*11-45664434-12091338#5-0220115 Bill Conides  
20144A*13-26783674-121413784-1237142 Bill Conides  
20134A*12-15622692-198848#5-022581 Gabe Fertitta  
20124A*0-923647080-5180289 Gabe Fertitta  
20114A*4-72332720-1333882-375113 Gabe Fertitta  
20104A*9-43422522-1797085-1187124 Forrest Williams  
20094A*14-16242775-0210978#6-0266118 Forrest Williams  
20084A*8-34183250-1274284-2247185 Forrest Williams  
20074A*8-33752990-1203984-2188202 Casey Wittmann  
20064A*6-53062110-1305383-3153124 Casey Wittmann  
2005Ind*1-020120 Casey Wittmann  
20044A*9-23861541-172378#6-023772 Casey Wittmann  
20034A*5-62122210-1163884-2139100 Casey Wittmann  
20024A*4-71423010-184283-396160 Casey Wittmann  
20014A*1-910938280-675285 Dave Kenson  
20004A*6-527029874-3183203 Dave Kenson  
19994A*8-321217774-3111126 Dave Kenson  
19984A*7-52521740-1111476-116278 Dave Kenson  
19974A*1-1010734271-676236 Dave Kenson  
19964A*5-512622772-491179 Mario Genna  
19954A*3-715226770-552211 Mario Genna  
19944A*1-1018333080-7122238 Brannon LeBlanc  
19934A*0-117734280-757230 Ken Lyons  
19924A*0-1011135880-678213 Ken Lyons  
19914A*5-521320682-496143 Ken Lyons  
19904A*5-51221320-161383-14919 Ken Lyons  
19894A*5-520316982-29177 Ken Lyons  
1988Ind*4-52271450 Ken Lyons  
1987Ind*6-41761940 Ken Lyons  
1986Ind1-8512510 Vernon Powell  
1985Ind*5-412016600-1022 Vernon Powell  
1984Ind*6-41951560 Vernon Powell  
1983Ind*4-61141400 Vernon Powell  
1982Ind*1-9752510 Vernon Powell  
1981Ind*3-61291550 Vernon Powell  
Conference Years
   Overall      Conference Record 
      (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA      Conference  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
19807-3-113391Pascagoula River3-2-18061 Barry Jones  
1979*5-5121132Pascagoula River2-44786 Bill Poole  
1978*6-5168147Pascagoula River4-4125101 Bill Poole  
1977*4-6124148Pascagoula River4-3124113 Bill Poole  
1976*5-5122181Pascagoula River2-590164 Barry Jones  
1975*7-4232136Pascagoula River4-3119103 Barry Jones  
1974*4-6102183Pascagoula River3-569155 Barry Jones  
1973*4-6131142Gulf Coast1-564114 Barry Jones  
1972*4-5-1213157Gulf Coast2-472106 Barry Jones  
1971*2-7118284Gulf Coast1-448173 Buddy Pitalo  
1970*1-7-177217Gulf Coast0-527134 Buddy Pitalo  
1969*4-391147Gulf Coast Buddy Pitalo  
1968*6-3220179 Buddy Pitalo  
1967*9-1270115Ind Billy Murphy  
19662-3-111390 Billy Murphy  
19654-111527 Billy Murphy  
19645-015019 Billy Murphy  
19632-746198Ind Billy Murphy  
19623-694177Ind Billy Murphy  
19614-314785 Reuben Ruiz  
19600-619176Ind Reuben Ruiz  
19591-55281 Reuben Ruiz  
1958*7-2137110 Reuben Ruiz  
19571-4-159140 Reuben Ruiz  
1955*4-5-1161145 Farley Day  
19505-2-1130113 Dick Thames  
19403-612590 Pete Burge  
19392-47288 Pete Burge  
19372-3-14491 Harry Glover  
19364-4-1145103 Harry Glover  
19353-16948 Harry Glover  
19341-14219 Harry Glover  
19321-0136 Grady Perkins  
19311-1-11927 Grady Perkins  
19302-2-13257 Grady Perkins  
19298-0-117715 Grady Perkins  
19280-11819 Grady Perkins  
19270-11325 Forster Commagere  
19260-000 Forster Commagere  
19250-000 Forster Commagere  
19240-1032 Forster Commagere  
19231-0192 Forster Commagere  
19223-2-14234 Forster Commagere  
19212-0-1817 Forster Commagere  
1916*1-0820 Forster Commagere  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

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