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AHSFHS Article Series

   The best of the best in Alabama High   
  School Football over the past 100 seasons.

Robertsdale Yearly Summary

Robertsdale Golden Bears
Robertsdale High School

1 Golden Bear Drive Robertsdale, AL 36567
Stadium: J.D. Sellers Stadium
Colors: Maroon & Gold
Coach: Kyle Stanford
Region: 6A-R1
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   Overall   Playoffs   Region/Area Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   Region  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20226A*0-10125426R10-8105343 Kyle Stanford  
20216A*3-7162278R11-688233 Kyle Stanford  
20206A*4-5131248R12-560218 Kyle Stanford  
20196A*1-9143476R11-7130385 Kyle Stanford  
20186A*2-8118258R12-6106221 Chase Smith  
20176A*0-10128368R10-894310 Brian Campbell  
20166A*2-8154361R12-6122299 Brian Campbell  
20156A*1-9155325R11-7130255 Brian Campbell  
20146A*3-7232330R13-5212265 Brian Campbell  
20136A*4-6215289R22-5110192 Brian Campbell  
20126A*1-9164354R21-6107254 Brian Campbell  
20116A*3-7185260R22-5140210 Scott Phelps  
20106A*4-6179245R22-5103197 Scott Phelps  
20096A*1-9127269R20-650194 Scott Phelps  
20086A*2-8167282R20-682213 Scott Phelps  
20076A*1-9106317R20-669202 Scott Phelps  
20066A*2-8114278R20-666190 Scott Phelps  
20056A*0-1030277R20-622174 Jay Koziol  
20046A*3-8902720-1735R23-365136 Jay Koziol  
20035A*3-7120161R12-586117 Jay Koziol  
20025A*1-990234R11-677167 Jay Koziol  
20015A*10-32951752-15845R1#6-119097 Jay Koziol  
20005A*6-52412420-11434R14-3151147 Jay Koziol  
19996A*4-6133170R30-446105 Jay Koziol  
19986A*4-6137239R31-344136 Fred Riley  
19975A*2-8205287R20-355111 Fred Riley  
19965A*6-4220189R21-26357 Fred Riley  
19955A*5-5207180R21-14834 Fred Riley  
19945A*4-6145154R20-22156 Fred Riley  
19935A*3-81652400-1741R21-12424 David Stapleton  
19925A*2-862220R20-2371 David Stapleton  
19915A*4-698131R11-24331 Chuck Anderson  
19905A*6-52051850-11551R12-16639 Chuck Anderson  
19895A*6-51491300-1714R13-16846 Chuck Anderson  
19885A*3-755147R11-32053 Chuck Anderson  
19875A*3-7103166R20-33168 Don Jennings  
19865A*7-51411361-11038R21-24441 Don Jennings  
19855A*5-5112128R20-21770 Don Jennings  
19845A*6-51221500-11433R21-11045 Don Jennings  
19833A*1-971246R11-571113 Don Jennings  
19823A*4-6118157R13-37671 Ed Comer  
19813A*2-877182R10-650125 Ed Comer  
19803A*1-932255R11-526136 Ed Comer  
19793A*7-3136156R15-19672 Ed Comer  
19783A*7-4210960-11415R1#5-112641 Ed Comer  
19773A*5-5223128R23-3163103 Keith McClammy  
19763A*4-67195R21-52482 Keith McClammy  
19753A*5-61581630-1633R1#5-111256 Keith McClammy  
19743A*4-5130139R13-17746 Keith McClammy  
19733A*5-5165130 Keith McClammy  
19723A*4-4-291105 Keith McClammy  
19713A*4-412376 Bill Gandy  
19703A*5-0-112140 Bill Gandy  
19693A*8-22471091-12642 Ed Baker  
19683A*6-4227133 Ed Baker  
19673A*3-6-1146143 Ed Baker  
19663A*1-864206 Billy Beane  
19653A*5-5123128 Billy Beane  
19643A*1-986239 Billy Beane  
19633A*5-59596 Billy Beane  
1962*2-859212 Billy Beane  
1961*3-6-19199 Billy Beane  
1960*8-212457 Billy Beane  
1959*1-7-294150 Billy Beane  
1958*5-4-115187 Billy Beane  
1957*6-323179 Charles Holladay  
1956*4-6126166 Charles Holladay  
1955*2-7-157176 Charles Holladay  
1954*2-7-152149 Bobby Duke/Charles Holladay  
1953*1-7-264225 J.D. Meredith  
1952*4-5-1141146 J.D. Meredith  
1951*4-5-1165155 J.D. Meredith  
1950*7-313561 J.D. Meredith  
1949*2-7101159 William B. Gorday  
1948*2-8111203 William Hinson  
1947*8-1-115336 William Hinson  
1946*5-2-212482 Jerry Robinson  
19453-3-15789 Jerry Robinson  
19416-27187 John Charles Thomas  
19400-713263 John Charles Thomas  
1939*2-6-192142 Lee Smith  
19381-519150 Lee Smith  
19372-25338 Lee Smith  
19361-3-27274 Lee Smith  
19352-23095 Lee Smith  
19312-47159 Carl Schiloh  
1930*4-578140 L.M. McPherson  
19290-5-26177 L.M. McPherson  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
Join us in the forums to submit corrections and new information.

Great Moments in Alabama High School Football History

The Hazlewood Golden Bears have won 11 state titles. The most of any team in any classification since the playoffs began in 1966.