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Clinton Yearly Summary

Clinton Arrows
Clinton High School

401 Arrow Drive Clinton, MS
Stadium: Clinton Arrow Stadium
Colors: Red, White & Black
Coach: John Carr

   Overall   Playoffs   District Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   District  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20247A0-0002 John Carr  
20237A*1-915734120-487179 Judd Boswell  
20226A*7-53352831-1434425-2209152 Judd Boswell  
20216A*6-52742100-1101425-2164113 Judd Boswell  
20206A*9-32581802-180522#6-112793 Judd Boswell  
20196A*5-621119623-4140109 Judd Boswell  
20186A*7-433021223-4207177 Judd Boswell  
20176A*5-628720123-4181136 Judd Boswell  
20166A*14-16583704-01771252#6-1317174 Judd Boswell  
20156A*8-54713431-1838725-2236158 Judd Boswell  
20146A*10-34022621-1451626-1253170 Judd Boswell  
20136A*3-822032222-5144184 Judd Boswell  
20126A*7-62562711-1444225-2149130 Judd Boswell  
20116A*5-72903150-1144923-4206168 Scott Brown  
20106A*8-43212040-1124226-1222107 Scott Brown  
20096A*11-23412011-1315826-118896 Scott Brown  
20085A*8-42652060-1172525-2172130 Scott Brown  
20075A*8-43672370-1144225-2213138 Scott Brown  
20065A*9-43212691-1333825-2181136 Scott Brown  
20055A*5-622518523-413292 Scott Brown  
20045A*8-62512632-1638625-212880 Pete Hurt  
20035A*5-616717924-3132121 Pete Hurt  
20025A*8-42161450-119232#6-115257 Pete Hurt  
20015A*6-62572540-1144225-2189146 David Bradberry  
20005A*14-15142373-178552#7-0279114 David Bradberry  
19995A*9-34131910-1125626-129860 David Bradberry  
19985A*10-34632051-1473426-126583 David Bradberry  
19975A*6-62793020-1145525-2175129 David Bradberry  
19965A*6-527219323-4171120 David Bradberry  
19955A*3-714923223-4111143 David Bradberry  
19945A*9-32501650-163535-2155105 David Bradberry  
19935A*6-82232382-1374434-3134106 David Bradberry  
19925A*8-42591741-122206#3-07431 David Bradberry  
19915A*8-32891360-1262862-16325 David Bradberry  
19905A*8-32881460-1202162-16445 James Sloan  
19895A*4-618618860-32662 James Sloan  
19885A*7-41921480-191363-17247 James Sloan  
19875A*11-2243942-134336#4-010918 James Sloan  
19865A*7-316010772-15334 James Sloan  
19855A*4-69315060-2645 James Sloan  
19845A*4-61451746 N1-358119 Jerry Mahon  
1983AA*4-6872456 N2-467164 Jerry Mahon  
1982AA*3-7962146 N2-36175 Jerry Lyons  
1981AA*4-612018562-581148 Jerry Lyons  
Conference Years
   Overall      Conference Record 
      (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA      Conference  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
1980*9-1284106Little Dixie*5-119073 Jerry Lyons  
1979*7-4198149Little Dixie4-29896 Jerry Lyons  
1978*7-4202112Little Dixie4-212165 James Sloan  
1977*11-030140Little Dixie*7-021033 James Sloan  
1976*9-223063Little Dixie6-113023 James Sloan  
1975*10-116269Little Dixie*6-010529 James Sloan  
1974*7-4192129Little Dixie6-013640 James Sloan  
1973*8-2241122Little Dixie5-116557 James Sloan  
1972*10-134082Little Dixie*6-022322 James Sloan  
1971*7-320492Little Dixie6-016132 Robert Neblett  
1970*4-615294Little Dixie3-39753 Roy Burkett  
1969*7-3160119Little Dixie4-3113106 Roy Burkett  
1968*7-3136109Little Dixie4-37596 Roy Burkett  
1967*9-125775Little Dixie6-119875 Roy Burkett  
1966*7-315091Little Dixie5-27059 Roy Burkett  
1965*7-319378Little Dixie4-312472 Roy Burkett  
1964*3-7115199Little Dixie2-588141 Roy Burkett  
1963*2-876167Little Dixie1-545104 Roy Burkett  
1962*5-4-19365Little Dixie4-2-16533 Roy Burkett  
1961*6-4179104Little Dixie5-112357 Roy Burkett  
1960*7-2-1204131Little Dixie5-0-116345 Roy Burkett  
1959*9-2293102Little Dixie4-212071 Roy Burkett  
1958*4-7145207Little Dixie2-466133 Roy Burkett  
1957*2-8135206Little Dixie1-575129 Roy Burkett  
1956*8-320491Little Dixie4-212551 Roy Burkett  
1955*6-2-211340Little Dixie5-2-27040 Stan Martin  
1954*1-1091254Little Dixie1-872227 Johnny McDaniel  
1953*4-5-191142Little Dixie2-5-164123 Glynn Kitchens  
1952*7-2-1143109Little Dixie5-110563 Corwin G. Muse  
1951*6-4182156 Corwin G. Muse  
1950*2-7-1143184 Carols Langston  
1949*6-4266140 Carols Langston  
1948*9-225294 James Allen  
19475-3-115493 James Allen  
1946*9-119555 James Allen  
1945*2-25448 James Allen  
1944*0-513186 T.R. Clark  
19416-11489 James Allen  
19406-3-16279 James Allen  
19392-4-15978 James Allen  
1938*1-3-453102 James Allen  
1937*6-113646 James Allen  
19366-1-17226 James Allen  
19353-377104 James Allen  
19345-3-112763 Alva Denton  
1933*3-672164 Alva Denton  
1932*4-1-311019 Alva Denton  
19312-5-147134 Alva Denton  
19304-512194 Alva Denton  
19293-3-23465 Fred Spencer  
19282-43063 Fred Spencer  
19271-439127 Fred Spencer  
19263-39876 Fred Spencer  
19251-11941 Fred Spencer  
19223-16337 John Latimer  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
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