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Columbia Yearly Summary

Columbia Wildcats
Columbia High School

1009 Broad Street Columbia, MS
Stadium: Gardner Stadium/Walter Payton Field
Colors: Blue & Gold
Coach: Chip Bilderback

   Overall   Playoffs   District Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   District  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20234A*14-15532184-11689574-015950 Chip Bilderback  
20224A*9-33671971-1695074-115268 Chip Bilderback  
20214A*13-14751435-0158817#5-018629 Chip Bilderback  
20203A*10-3320823-1803983-2988 Chip Bilderback  
20193A*13-15111533-1108348#5-017150 Chip Bilderback  
20183A*10-34001762-1855484-112047 Chip Bilderback  
20173A*3-721830781-481178 James Harvey  
20164A*1-819332970-582188 James Harvey  
20154A*4-62993720-1214073-2174174 James Harvey  
20144A*4-72793450-1254373-2149136 Walter Denton  
20134A*9-33412421-159497#5-016790 Walter Denton  
20124A*7-42282821-1468074-19598 Walter Denton  
20114A*0-1010440770-566210 Doug Norris  
20104A*3-816828271-473146 Doug Norris  
20094A*8-53082441-1354973-212486 Doug Norris  
20083A*10-33101432-143298#5-117683 Doug Norris  
20073A*4-624223783-3163146 Doug Norris  
20063A*3-81772950-1153673-3116116 Doug Norris  
20053A*3-72112900-1164173-3141151 Marcus Wood  
20043A*5-62893380-184984-2196141 Marcus Wood  
20033A*2-91363330-1165082-4114152 Marcus Wood  
20023A*6-62372421-1484884-2137106 Steve Jones  
20013A*11-33802323-11016583-110467 Joey Porter  
20004A*10-23331971-137417#6-1224108 Joey Porter  
19994A*9-22551840-102176-1200134 Joey Porter  
19984A*12-34282613-179737#7-0271132 Joey Porter  
19974A*4-621218274-3168106 Joey Porter  
19963A*6-525325874-2133134 Joey Porter  
19953A*7-422118573-310497 Joey Porter  
19944A*0-1011726470-698152 Joey Porter  
19934A*7-52672431-1444775-1163111 Joey Porter  
19924A*9-22951600-102865-118467 Joey Porter  
19914A*5-519118263-3111107 Joey Porter  
19903A*7-41881910-1814144-110280 Joey Porter  
19893A*7-3230175143-212397 Joey Porter  
19883A*11-23431483-1986714#5-016157 Joey Porter  
19873A*2-8100203142-36185 Tom Boszor  
19863A*2-71111737 E1-46572 Tom Boszor  
19853A*4-6841417 E2-33557 Tom Boszor  
19843A*8-52311201-119197 S#4-09327 James McCollum  
1983A*5-51311307 S3-19931 Jerry Drane  
1982A*13-1327813-053147 E#4-08618 Jerry Drane  
1981A*6-415211073-27344 Jerry Drane  
Conference Years
   Overall      Conference Record 
      (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA      Conference  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
1980*5-5130127Southern2-34831 Jerry Drane  
1979*1-8-162153Southern1-44167 Jerry Drane  
1978*10-2246141Southern5-111176 Larry Hancock  
1977*8-3213142Southern3-39379 Larry Hancock  
1976*3-7130166Little Dixie1-668145 Larry Hancock  
1975*4-669115Little Dixie3-43771 Larry Hancock  
1974*6-3-1155145Little Dixie3-3-1101127 Larry Hancock  
1973*8-3264105Little Dixie5-215563 Charles Coggins  
1972*3-7122190Little Dixie2-562130 Charles Coggins  
1971*1-8-184193Little Dixie0-6-143152 Charles Beall  
1970*8-219779Little Dixie5-212865 Tommy Davis  
1969*7-4160186Little Dixie3-472142 Jerry Wilkinson  
1968*4-6155137Little Dixie2-49691 Jerry Wilkinson  
1967AA*2-8119254Big 8 S0-432130 Jerry Wilkinson  
1966AA*3-797189Big 8 S1-552161 Jerry Wilkinson  
1965AA*5-4174136Big 8 S2-37282 Bobby Oswalt  
1964AA*3-7121207Big 8 S1-458141 Bobby Oswalt  
1963AA*3-5-188158Big 8 S1-3-14099 Bobby Oswalt  
1962AA*2-7-1112244Big 8 S0-536162 Bobby Oswalt  
1961AA*1-9103382Big 8 S0-659307 Charlie Martin  
1960AA*2-886269Big 8 S1-539190 Charlie Martin  
1959AA*0-9-125284Big 8 S0-818245 Ben Ruscoe  
1958AA*2-9105212Big 8 S0-754154 Ben Ruscoe  
1957AA*8-2-125983Big 8 S3-2-18457 M.T. Tatum Jr.  
1956AA*3-712493Big 8 S1-23927 M.T. Tatum Jr.  
1955*1-1054247Little Dixie0-51983 M.T. Tatum Jr.  
1954*2-7-166229Little Dixie0-2-12057 Roy Burkett  
1953*1-1059230Little Dixie1-12632 Roy Burkett  
1952*8-317791Little Dixie*3-0526 Leonard McCullough  
1951*4-5-1206177 Bill Hazel  
1950*4-6-1111193 Bill Hazel  
19492-7-185205 Reggie Weems  
19461-52483 Robert Cox  
19456-120157 Colon McNease  
19441-6-130253 Colon McNease  
19432-637137 Melton Bullock  
19423-29332 J.W. Patrick  
19410-2-11253 Roy McDaniel  
19405-112242 W.D. Burnett  
19394-2-114372 W.D. Burnett  
19372-47268 G.C. Blake  
19362-3-26568 G.C. Blake  
1935*7-3235110 G.C. Blake  
19343-34371 W.D. Burnett  
19332-2-110353 W.D. Burnett  
19320-1-11925 W.D. Burnett  
19311-11925 W.D. Burnett  
19301-42093 W.D. Burnett  
19291-33842 Sollie Crain  
19281-1-23126 Sollie Crain  
19271-1-1126 Sollie Crain  
19261-0166 Sollie Crain  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
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