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Magee Yearly Summary

Magee Trojans
Magee High School

501 East Choctaw Street Magee, MS
Stadium: Trojan Field
Colors: Red & Gray
Coach: Chase Courtney

   Overall   Playoffs   District Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   District  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20243A0-0006 Chase Courtney  
20233A*4-82533971-1757062-285100 Chuck Maxie9/Chase Courtney  
20223A*8-53742762-1636863-2177106 Chuck Maxie  
20213A*8-33311231-1612764-119444 Zach Jones  
20203A*12-03651055-0168428#5-010949 Teddy Dyess  
20193A*10-44642062-1937982-311587 Teddy Dyess  
20183A*9-44712791-1625164-119996 Teddy Dyess  
20173A*6-62163160-1133563-2106114 Tim Coats  
20163A*6-54213620-1184063-2226147 Tim Coats  
20153A*6-53313210-1213864-1168120 Tim Coats  
20144A*9-33972681-1424664-119777 Jim Nowell  
20134A*9-33942231-148366#5-021145 Ed Stanley  
20124A*6-52702540-1313264-2164110 Terrell Luckey  
20114A*5-62282270-1143864-215494 Terrell Luckey  
20104A*7-42442090-1184064-113887 Terrell Luckey  
20094A*9-32391651-128266#4-112968 Jimmy Mangum  
20083A*8-42722431-1345565-116797 Jimmy Mangum  
20073A*8-42931731-1273465-117759 Jimmy Mangum  
20063A*2-815822481-5101110 Jimmy Mangum  
20053A*8-32951691-1494685-116750 Jimmy Mangum  
20043A*9-33311961-151516#6-022454 Jimmy Mangum  
20033A*8-42821781-1292565-115166 Jimmy Mangum  
20024A*1-911025251-563144 Larry Kinslow  
20014A*4-72372720-101453-3134133 Larry Kinslow  
20003A*13-24731754-0130457#6-023140 Larry Kinslow  
19993A*11-34001672-139657#6-126496 Larry Kinslow  
19983A*13-23892213-190877#6-017258 Danny Cowart  
19973A*14-14631194-0110337#5-122827 Danny Cowart  
19964A*11-24211531-126254#7-026466 Danny Cowart  
19954A*9-43491461-127234#6-124163 Danny Cowart  
19944A*6-321811654-215182 Perry Wheat  
19934A*13-13651533-167585#6-016552 Perry Wheat  
19924A*9-2331961-159275#6-019029 Perry Wheat  
19914A*10-1348941-128285#6-022046 Johnny Mills  
19903A*5-61671900-1942112-16833 Lum Wright Jr.  
19893A*15-04191155-01314211#4-09333 Lum Wright Jr.  
19883A*10-32761112-15836114-112236 Lum Wright Jr.  
19873A*6-414682113-28832 David Bradley  
19863A*9-1204905 S4-19538 David Bradley  
19853A*12-2457812-1100366 S#4-01506 David Bradley  
19843A*12-2392603-09476 S#2-0696 David Bradley  
1983A*6-41971296 S0-11720 David Bradley  
1982A*7-61911681-128356 S#3-08632 David Bradley  
1981A*5-51441776 S2-19065 Johnny Woitt  
Conference Years
   Overall      Conference Record 
      (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA      Conference  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
1980*7-3216134Little Dixie5-116965 John Mangum  
1979*9-2260149Little Dixie5-114580 John Mangum  
1978*9-319872Little Dixie6-012312 Jerry Sullivan  
1977*7-418995Southern5-214349 Jerry Sullivan  
1976*7-421991Little Dixie5-214750 Jerry Sullivan  
1975*8-2-223092Little Dixie6-0-115726 Jerry Sullivan  
1974*6-412372Little Dixie3-47461 Jerry Sullivan  
1973*1-965166Little Dixie0-733131 Troy Greer  
1972*8-220685Little Dixie6-115163 Troy Greer  
1971*10-125744Little Dixie*6-118232 Troy Greer  
1970*7-1-29453Little Dixie4-1-26953 Troy Greer  
1969*8-2178111Little Dixie6-113485 Troy Greer  
1968*7-319152Little Dixie5-112625 Malcolm Nesmith  
1967*8-316680Little Dixie*4-19140 Malcolm Nesmith  
1966*9-122757Little Dixie5-010726 Malcolm Nesmith  
1965*11-02936Little Dixie*5-01446 Malcolm Nesmith  
1964*7-213255Little Dixie*5-09726 Malcolm Nesmith  
1963*11-034112Little Dixie*5-01796 John Williams  
1962*11-029130Little Dixie*6-015812 John Williams  
1961*9-1-135664Little Dixie5-120420 Charles Calloway  
1960*11-036720Little Dixie*6-020513 Charles Calloway  
1959*6-2-123665Little Dixie4-1-114833 Charles Calloway  
1958*5-5168119Little Dixie3-311566 Charles Calloway  
1957*7-3-1181117Little Dixie4-2-110046 Jack Bailey  
1956*3-799135Little Dixie1-45091 Jack Bailey  
1955*5-5-1182167Little Dixie4-5-1149167 Jack Bailey  
1954*0-1176327Little Dixie0-856229 Prentiss Irvin  
1953*2-8-156151Little Dixie2-5-150107 Jim Carballo  
1952*3-897157Little Dixie2-783131 Jim Carballo  
1951*8-325288 Jim Carballo  
1950*9-232885 Jim Carballo  
1949*2-7-2114170 Jim Carballo  
1948*6-4-1103139 B.L. Kisner  
1947*4-5-110070 B.L. Kisner  
1946*8-2-123660 B.L. Kisner  
1945*6-418866 B.L. Kisner  
1944*4-6-2152110 B.L. Kisner  
19431-521140 B.L. Kisner  
1942*2-7-131127 B.L. Kisner  
19414-58496 Ira Wilson  
1940*4-5-176160 David Holland  
1939*7-317451 Brad White  
1938*5-4-196102 Brad White  
1937*5-2-310950 Brad White  
19361-4-21279 A.D. Ott  
1935*1-6-37133 A.D. Ott  
1934*6-394104 Hobart Stowers  
1933*8-324583 Hobart Stowers  
1932*8-2-115859 Claude Mangum  
1931*4-462105 Heber Ladner  
1930*6-317533 R.T. Walker  
1929*8-413375 R.T. Walker  
1928*2-3-16174 Tom Slay  
19272-16456 Carr  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
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