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Meridian Yearly Summary

Meridian Wildcats
Meridian High School

2320 32nd Street Meridian, MS
Stadium: Ray Stadium
Colors: Blue & White
Coach: Shelton Gandy

   Overall   Playoffs   District Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   District  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20247A0-0003 Shelton Gandy  
20237A*6-73393481-1355832-3135146 Marcus Boyles  
20226A*4-522723133-4169178 John Douglass  
20216A*5-637836432-5211249 John Douglass  
20206A*3-718025533-4132144 John Douglass  
20196A*2-1010752431-666294 John Douglass  
20186A*4-719831532-5117196 Calvin Hampton  
20176A*7-73724012-1719434-3228171 Calvin Hampton  
20166A*10-43582931-1397035-2204153 Calvin Hampton  
20156A*8-64172492-11057135-222198 Larry Weems  
20146A*7-53492380-1131435-2244149 Larry Weems  
20136A*10-44343682-19311935-2222158 Larry Weems  
20126A*8-43902300-1212734-3246164 Larry Weems  
20116A*13-14081052-165303#7-022140 Larry Weems  
20106A*14-14241203-1100353#7-023665 Larry Weems  
20096A*11-23911581-163663#6-124664 Larry Weems  
20085A*14-15722374-0136473#7-030892 Larry Weems  
20075A*11-34302612-1100683#7-0228100 Larry Weems  
20065A*11-44162633-11077636-1214100 Larry Weems  
20055A*11-44612543-111812236-125595 Ed Stanley  
20045A*9-2-13871791-1774336-1231102 Ed Stanley  
20035A*8-52961861-1333835-219899 Ed Stanley  
20025A*3-817120332-5111127 Ed Stanley  
20015A*3-816721832-5127119 Bill Sartin  
20005A*9-33231570-1354236-118563 Bill Sartin  
19995A*7-52771980-131735-219498 Bill Sartin  
19985A*7-52531690-172736-220584 Bill Sartin  
19975A*6-535121235-3273150 Mac Barnes  
19965A*12-25502212-159723#7-035065 Mac Barnes  
19955A*10-23461730-17143#7-024286 Mac Barnes  
19945A*9-33341610-1142026-119673 Mac Barnes  
19935A*10-32601961-136462#7-015083 Mac Barnes  
19925A*4-614420152-15165 Mac Barnes  
19915A*6-323719452-16986 Mac Barnes  
19905A*11-33421294-01274852-19130 Mac Barnes  
19895A*11-23321592-178415#3-113959 Mac Barnes  
19885A*8-21821201-145335#4-06820 Mac Barnes  
19875A*6-51121030-10652-22954 Mac Barnes  
19865A*6-3-11621050-17215#2-15625 Mac Barnes  
19855A*13-1303343-06635#1-0210 Mac Barnes  
19845A*5-61751100-16175#1-0200 Mac Barnes  
1983AA*9-32251330-110145 N#2-04510 Mac Barnes  
1982AA*12-12221131-132235 N#2-04228 Mac Barnes  
1981AA*3-672995 N1-1714 Mac Barnes  
Conference Years
   Overall      Conference Record 
      (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA      Conference  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
1980AA*5-514996Big 8 CO1-35749 Mac Barnes  
1979AA*11-122671Big 8 CO*4-0909 Mac Barnes  
1978AA*12-016985Big 8 CO*4-04330 Mac Barnes  
1977AA*8-319899Big 8 CO1-33150 Ben Jones  
1976AA*3-798231Big 8 S2-345120 Ben Jones  
1975AA*3-7193244Big 8 CO2-3100122 Bob Turnage  
1974AA*2-7-158119Big 8 CO1-42760 Bob Turnage  
1973AA*7-2-117297Big 8 S6-1-115159 Bob Turnage  
1972AA*5-4-1208113Big 8 S4-3-113480 Charles Garrett  
1971AA*8-2-1219105Big 8 S7-0-117251 Charles Garrett  
1970AA*4-7171191Big 8 S2-5125131 Charles Garrett  
1969AA*6-1-2233137Big 8 N2-0-29353 Charles Garrett  
1968AA*10-128466Big 8 N4-01169 Charles Garrett  
1967AA*10-0-136148Big 8 N*6-0-123235 Bob Tyler  
1966AA*10-030949Big 8 N*8-026343 Bob Tyler  
1965AA*4-5-1153157Big 8 N4-2-112798 Jim Tait  
1964AA*5-4127107Big 8 N2-482101 Jim Tait  
1963AA*9-1-119266Big 8 N*6-012020 Claude Jennings  
1962AA*6-1-214340Big 8 N5-0-211826 Claude Jennings  
1961AA*5-3-2109103Big 8 N4-2-18955 Claude Jennings  
1960AA*7-316147Big 8 N3-37119 Dave Owens  
1959AA*9-0-219851Big 8 N*5-0-112613 Dave Owens  
1958AA*7-2-114446Big 8 N5-0-110333 Dave Owens  
1957AA*9-0-121587Big 8 N5-0-113361 Dave Owens  
1956AA*6-3-1115119Big 8 N5-1-19665 Dave Owens  
1955AA*6-4229144Big 8 N3-4158129 Charlie Armstrong  
1954AA*6-3-1177110Big 84-212091 Charlie Armstrong  
1953AA*6-3-113066Big 84-1-18942 Charlie Armstrong  
1952AA*2-6-1121156Big 82-3-110390 Earl Morgan  
1951AA*3-5-2155160Big 8 N2-4-2120133 Earl Morgan  
1950AA*6-5204195Big 8 N4-4126182 Earl Morgan  
1949AA*5-6132117Big 84-511385 Earl Morgan  
1948AA*7-4163121Big 86-3144102 Earl Morgan  
1947AA*8-2-117290Big 86-2-19690 Jim Baxter  
1946AA*4-4-19991Big 83-4-18685 Jim Baxter  
1945AA*6-4192131Big 83-484119   
1944AA*7-1-119562Big 86-116250 Obie Brown  
1943AA*10-144282Big 8*7-029950 Obie Brown  
1942AA*8-1-117839Big 8*5-0-110013 Doby Bartling  
1941AA*7-2-217772Big 86-1-113240 Jim Baxter  
1940AA*10-0-137250Big 8*7-0-121050 Jim Baxter  
1939AA*7-3-118489Big 84-2-18455 Jim Baxter  
1938AA*11-030420Big 8*7-015313 Jim Baxter  
1937AA*10-027640Big 8*6-013920 Jim Baxter  
1936AA*7-2-117755Big 84-2-112255 Jim Baxter  
1935AA*3-7-1125124Big 81-645109 Jim Baxter  
1934AA*7-316471Big 84-38859 Pie Vann  
1933AA*7-3-111671Big 81-2-13838 Pie Vann  
1932AA6-0-39827Big 8*4-0-26721 Pie Vann  
1931AA8-112754Big 8*5-111547 Pie Vann  
1930AA6-1-117737Big 82-1-14031 Jim Baxter/Pie Vann  
1929AA*5-4102104Big 8   
1928AA3-59392Big 81-31954 Slim Young  
1927AA*8-1-119060Big 8*3-0336 Hollingsworth  
1926AA10-028919Big 81-0207 Hollingsworth  
1925*10-0-120044 Hollingsworth  
19224-2-18422 M.E. Greer  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
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