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Pontotoc Yearly Summary

Pontotoc Warriors
Pontotoc High School

132 North Main Street Pontotoc, MS
Colors: Black & Gold
Coach: Jeff Carter

   Overall   Playoffs   District Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   District  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20245A0-0001 Jeff Carter  
20235A*3-714921411-464131 Jeff Carter  
20224A*4-71592880-163822-392108 Jeff Carter  
20214A*7-52772971-143612#4-111888 Jeff Carter  
20204A*10-23292312-177672#5-013470 Jeff Carter  
20194A*6-62003011-1206624-111893 Jeff Carter  
20184A*11-34322272-1796824-115775 Jeff Carter  
20174A*11-23631631-130302#5-017058 Jeff Carter  
20164A*13-25762313-11215514-120781 Jeff Carter  
20154A*6-525024412-3110134 Jeff Carter  
20144A*2-910836711-441166 Scott Brown  
20134A*3-91462700-103112-38497 Scott Brown  
20124A*4-723028511-494148 Ken Byars  
20114A*6-522626712-3118141 Ken Byars  
20104A*5-628925611-4155176 Charlie Dampeer  
20094A*8-32621440-1212813-210576 Charlie Dampeer  
20084A*5-62902160-1213013-311697 Charlie Dampeer  
20074A*6-419717413-3135128 Charlie Dampeer  
20064A*1-912030210-647224 Tony Cook  
20054A*3-720026611-583187 Dennis Robbins  
20044A*0-109644620-636289 Dennis Robbins  
20034A*10-23881891-1655425-117293 Dennis Robbins  
20023A*11-23711962-1105502#6-016180 Dennis Robbins  
20013A*6-52141190-1102124-216863 Dennis Robbins  
20003A*9-234115214-2176111 Dennis Robbins  
19993A*9-339520115-1195106 Dennis Robbins  
19983A*6-52661850-172215-119470 Dennis Robbins  
19973A*9-42981612-135271#6-019137 Dennis Robbins  
19963A*8-337612415-325998 Dennis Robbins  
19953A*8-337515016-2271110 Jimmy Mitchell  
19943A*9-44422972-11138915-1234104 Jimmy Mitchell  
19933A*6-52601570-173515-119141 Jimmy Mitchell  
19923A*13-13271133-159372#6-016048 Jimmy Mitchell  
19913A*9-42302152-1414525-1120100 Tommy Morton  
19903A*7-421213922-38066 Tommy Morton  
19893A*10-22761431-1284124-112867 Tommy Morton  
19883A*4-613615322-24259 Tommy Morton  
19873A*4-614718322-27774 Tommy Morton  
19863A*8-33511941 S3-111870 Tommy Morton  
19853A*5-521324615-4206223 Tommy Morton  
19843A*9-22861010-113211#7-121154 Tommy Morton  
1983A*8-323915516-216899 Tommy Morton  
1982A*6-415319815-3117153 Tommy Morton  
1981A*2-89029711-661220 Bill Scott  
Conference Years
   Overall      Conference Record 
      (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA      Conference  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
1980*1-9116291Little 100-774199 Bill Scott  
1979*2-9130243Little 100-777171 Tommy Patterson  
1978*4-7182198Little 102-5112139 Tommy Patterson  
1977*3-775119Little 101-64787 Tommy Morton  
1976*5-6157165Little 104-4104116 Tommy Morton  
1975*2-6-2104221Little 100-5-248179 Tommy Morton  
1974*1-996223Little 100-747165 Tommy Morton  
1973*6-1-4170114Little 103-1-39063 Tommy Morton  
1972*2-5-279126Little 100-5-247108 Bob Pitner  
1971*5-5171129Little 103-5105129 Ralph Mitchell  
1970*3-7199283Little 103-5170221 Ralph Mitchell  
1969*0-10111352Little 100-885278 Ralph Mitchell  
1968*3-5-294173Little 103-587166 Ralph Mitchell  
1967*2-8110173Little 102-676132 Ralph Mitchell  
1966*1-8-167212Little 101-6-161181 Joe Robertson  
1965*7-2-119572Little 105-2-113466 Joe Robertson  
1964*3-6-166136Little 102-5-152101 Bradley Sanders  
1963*5-5125192Little 104-5113192 Bradley Sanders  
1962*5-4-115974Little 103-4-112768 Charles Duck  
1961*3-5-1111146Little 103-4-1105134 Charles Duck  
1960*8-1193101Little 10*7-116794 James Butler  
1959*10-030752Little 10*9-026846 James Butler  
1958*8-1-122574Little 10*7-1-118561 James Butler  
1957*5-4-1141167Little 105-3-1141147 James Butler  
1956*2-8116290Little 101-892277 Joe Silveri  
1955*2-892214Little 100-740193 Joe Silveri  
1954*1-977245Little 100-731188 Sherard Shaw  
1953*2-7-190238Little 101-351102 Charles Shumake  
1952*2-8-166277Little 101-426149 Charles Shumake  
1951*3-8137237Little 101-785207 James Butler  
1950*1-10121404Little 100-852317 Albert Pardue  
1949*6-4160181Little 102-467149 Albert Pardue  
1948*5-5129118Little 102-45286 Mitch Grisson  
1947*2-770146Little 100-52697 Mitch Grisson  
1946*3-4-281144Little 100-3-11893 M.D. Jones  
1945*2-7-172185Little 100-5-126153 J.H. Arnold  
1944*4-511392Little 100-51380 Roy Johnston  
1943*4-2-216460Little 102-2-211360 Roy Johnston  
1942*6-322186Little 104-214465 T.N. Vandiver  
1941*8-119851Little 103-17520 Vick Metts  
1940*5-3-213384Little 103-2-17252 Vick Metts  
1939*6-419167Little 102-35154 Vick Metts  
1938*8-128659Little 104-114153 Vick Metts  
1937*6-220050Little 104-216744 Vick Metts  
1936*3-3-37991Little 102-3-15579 Vick Metts  
1935*5-4-194104Little 103-3-16978 N.C. Tutor  
1934*5-5139117Little 103-46979 Joe Edwards.  
1933*0-913239Little 100-813226 Joe Edwards.  
19321-620179Little 100-56140 George Boutwell  
1931*3-664148Little 103-34597 Joe Edwards.  
1930*6-2-115039 J.B. Leslie  
19292-48189 J.B. Leslie  
19281-419152 J.B. Leslie  
19273-2-13936 Eugene Bingham  
19260-1074 Eugene Bingham  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
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