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Brookhaven Yearly Summary

Brookhaven Panthers
Brookhaven High School

443 East Monticello Street Brookhaven, MS
Colors: Blue & White
Coach: Tucker Peavey

   Overall   Playoffs   District Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   District  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20235A*2-31021263 Tucker Peavey  
20225A*1-916022831-6136171 Tucker Peavey  
20215A*7-52902151-1454235-2205121 Tucker Peavey  
20205A*5-41111690-10135-297133 Tucker Peavey  
20195A*5-72573760-1104934-3186178 Tucker Peavey  
20185A*7-428323334-3177160 Tucker Peavey  
20175A*11-25072731-161593#7-0295135 Tommy Clopton  
20165A*8-43162780-1144235-2199154 Tommy Clopton  
20155A*4-82463770-183634-3159209 Tommy Clopton  
20145A*6-529328033-4172194 Tommy Clopton  
20135A*9-43942831-1424934-3233189 Tommy Clopton  
20125A*5-63122760-1426934-3212141 Tommy Clopton  
20115A*7-42202020-1283134-3120135 Wade Henderson  
20105A*9-53212713-1748234-3186139 Tucker Peavey  
20095A*5-62373250-1244333-4160210 Tucker Peavey  
20084A*7-32722091-1494465-1176138 Tucker Peavey  
20074A*8-22841820-17306#6-0201111 Tucker Peavey  
20064A*7-53872441-1473364-2231107 Tucker Peavey  
20054A*6-42711530-1101365-119480 Tucker Peavey  
20044A*14-15121745-0160586#6-025458 Tucker Peavey  
20034A*9-33721921-155456#6-022264 Tucker Peavey  
20024A*7-52732002-1303864-219894 Tucker Peavey  
20014A*5-51972720-102663-3135155 Andrew Hickman  
20004A*7-32651730-1132064-115393 Greg Wall  
19994A*4-529527162-3147126 Greg Wall  
19984A*8-230815466-2246128 Greg Wall  
19974A*12-13962532-169736#8-0263155 Greg Wall  
19964A*4-613918863-397112 Greg Wall  
19954A*5-519116764-214676 Russell Funk  
19945A*4-721125832-5131168 Russell Funk  
19935A*4-724427632-5146195 Russell Funk  
19925A*8-21589761-24150 Coleman  
19915A*8-2256960-113256#3-06017 Don Coleman  
19905A*2-819127060-333101 Don Coleman  
19895A*5-414513561-23837 Don Coleman  
19885A*2-88424360-42876 Don Coleman  
19875A*0-109128660-43695 James McCollum  
19865A*5-518117471-23065 James McCollum  
19855A*5-61471610-10317#1-02918 James McCollum  
19845A*6-51921770-113357#1-0286 Luther Bud OHara  
1983AA*9-23071030-110247#4-113848 Luther Bud OHara  
1982AA*7-423413672-38771 Luther Bud OHara  
1981AA*2-81172467 N0-32172 Luther Bud OHara  
Conference Years
   Overall      Conference Record 
      (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA      Conference  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
1980AA*2-8101257Big 8 C0-653167 Les Bumgarner  
1979AA*4-6154176Big 8 C2-4109119 Les Bumgarner  
1978AA*1-972269Big 8 C0-640220 Les Bumgarner  
1977AA*1-964243Big 8 C0-637156 Larry Thomas  
1976AA*0-1047221Big 8 C0-628139 Larry Thomas  
1975AA*3-7118174Big 8 C0-630120 Larry Thomas  
1974AA*7-4179145Big 8 C4-29682 Larry Thomas  
1973AA*7-3232119Big 8 C7-3232119 Douglas Sullivan  
1972AA*8-3307166Big 8 C8-2301142 Douglas Sullivan  
1971AA*4-6195277Big 8 C4-5181242 Douglas Sullivan  
1970AA*1-9114338Big 8 C1-8114298 Douglas Sullivan  
1969AA*1-9115298Big 8 C1-8102284 Charles McArthur  
1968AA*1-7-271175Big 8 S1-4-151120 Charles McArthur  
1967AA*3-6-1111164Big 8 S3-5-1104151 Charles McArthur  
1966AA*6-3-1114119Big 8 S5-3-1101112 Charles McArthur  
1965AA*1-8-156217Big 8 S1-7-150190 Charles McArthur  
1964AA*4-4-2156192Big 8 S3-4-2142179 Charles McArthur  
1963AA*4-4-2148114Big 8 S4-4-2148114 Leonard McCullough  
1962AA*4-6166155Big 8 S4-6166155 Leonard McCullough  
1961AA*5-4-1173137Big 8 S5-4-1173137 Leonard McCullough  
1960AA*2-872162Big 8 S2-872162 Leonard McCullough  
1959AA*1-975245Big 8 S1-975245 Paul Moyer  
1958AA*3-6-1123199Big 8 S3-5-1117179 Paul Moyer  
1957AA*10-1240128Big 8 S9-0221105 Paul Moyer  
1956AA*6-2-2204132Big 8 S5-2-2190125 Paul Moyer  
1955AA*9-2249126Big 8 S8-120992 Paul Moyer  
1954AA*7-3179108Big 85-310596 Paul Moyer  
1953AA*8-215092Big 86-210392 Leonard McCullough  
1952AA*6-4191166Big 85-3123140 Charlie Armstrong  
1951AA*10-130779Big 8 S*7-122465 Charlie Armstrong  
1950AA*8-2-1268124Big 8 S5-2-1166111 Hartwell McPhail  
1949AA*8-226777Big 84-213659 Hartwell McPhail  
1948AA*8-1-123472Big 84-1-18552 Hartwell McPhail  
1947AA*5-510186Big 82-42779 Hartwell McPhail  
1946AA*3-6-165154Big 80-612121 Robert L. Therrell  
1945AA*3-7142176Big 80-4698 Robert L. Therrell  
1944AA*10-228275Big 81-21854 Robert L. Therrell  
1943AA*4-1-38247Big 80-1-22040 Robert L. Therrell  
1942AA*4-7176175Big 80-31469 Robert L. Therrell  
1941AA*2-8-157189Big 80-413106 Robert L. Therrell  
1940AA*7-3-1128125Big 81-21974 Robert L. Therrell  
1939AA*4-8-179146Big 80-620112   
1938AA*4-6-1119176Big 80-5-113149   
1937AA*5-6-1142172Big 83-560140   
1936AA*3-7-197275Big 81-635256   
1935AA*7-420286Big 84-312258   
1934AA*6-4-113482Big 83-47076   
1933AA*8-2-121577Big 84-24644   
1932AA*5-4-111164Big 82-43744   
1931AA3-3-212657Big 80-2-23351 John King  
1930AA3-46878Big 81-32645   
1929AA0-6-1979Big 80-6-1979   
1928AA5-2-111627Big 83-2-15227   
1927AA1-2-24568Big 8   
1926AA1-060Big 8   
19242-13152 Nevins  
1921*2-13339 D.L. Blackwelder  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
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