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Gulfport Yearly Summary

Gulfport Admirals
Gulfport High School

100 Perry Street Gulfport, MS
Stadium: Joseph W. Milner Stadium
Colors: Royal Blue & Orange
Coach: Blake Pennock

   Overall   Playoffs   District Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   District  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20237A*2-31551004 Blake Pennock  
20226A*9-33212570-133846-1245159 John Archie  
20216A*7-53072960-173345-2204168 John Archie  
20206A*1-915420240-74995 John Archie  
20196A*10-34033071-144614#7-0230128 John Archie  
20186A*10-23473080-10344#7-0257177 John Archie  
20176A*8-42781920-114214#7-021068 Eddie Pierce  
20166A*6-62562180-102844-3179118 Eddie Pierce  
20156A*9-33102300-16424#7-0211102 Eddie Pierce  
20146A*6-634323444-3221126 Eddie Pierce  
20136A*9-34093420-1464946-1231177 Eddie Pierce  
20126A*8-42791880-114214#7-018972 Mike Justice  
20116A*7-53491830-1214245-224489 Mike Justice  
20106A*11-24471811-1456446-122877 Mike Justice  
20096A*6-529122343-4145142 Mike Justice  
20085A*4-615323643-4112153 Mike Justice  
20075A*1-925437241-6175238 Marcus Wood  
20065A*4-619527643-4149172 Marcus Wood  
20055A*4-52062350-104244-3191159 Joey DAngelo  
20045A*10-24031910-116264#6-1257112 Joey DAngelo  
20035A*4-81912930-1144144-3142142 Joey DAngelo  
20025A*8-43181961-1565646-121359 Joey DAngelo  
20015A*8-42671871-1536946-117466 Ronnie Cuevas  
20005A*8-43272701-1638445-117691 Ronnie Cuevas  
19995A*11-24021842-175414#6-020492 Ronnie Cuevas  
19985A*9-44261811-1545345-3285109 Ronnie Cuevas  
19975A*8-42772530-1112844-3149124 Ronnie Cuevas  
19965A*5-72482370-1172544-3182136 Ronnie Cuevas  
19955A*7-52321391-1213745-318094 Ronnie Cuevas  
19945A*10-32661771-1131646-1153100 Ronnie Cuevas  
19935A*7-52691760-1162845-218398 Ronnie Cuevas  
19925A*9-32931490-123278#2-0476 Ronnie Cuevas  
19915A*5-82853342-1534181-14542 Ronnie Cuevas  
19905A*10-22151641-130428#2-03413 Ronnie Cuevas  
19895A*4-612717981-12227 Tom Freeman  
19885A*6-61711542-125358#2-05113 Tom Freeman  
19875A*8-41992091-153348#3-06931 Tom Freeman  
19865A*5-515415681-23542 Tom Freeman  
19855A*4-59412083-25453 Tom Freeman  
19845A*8-2155868 S2-13329 Tom Freeman  
1983AA*6-51361088 N1-23642 Tom Freeman  
1982AA*11-32401482-130288 N#3-04519 Tom Freeman  
1981AA*8-31641258 N2-25645 Tom Freeman  
Conference Years
   Overall      Conference Record 
      (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA      Conference  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
1980AA*7-3193127Big 8 CO2-27161 Tom Freeman  
1979AA*5-2-29991Big 8 CO2-1-14245 Tom Freeman  
1978AA*7-312799Big 8 CO1-32754 Tom Freeman  
1977AA*11-1304108Big 8 CO*4-05813 J.E. Loiacano  
1976AA*3-7122183Big 8 S0-530124 Paul Pounds  
1975AA*1-975253Big 8 CO0-527145 Paul Pounds  
1974AA*5-595128Big 8 CO1-42873 Leon Regal  
1973AA*4-5112112Big 8 S3-59498 Leon Regal  
1972AA*10-025575Big 8 S8-021563 Leon Regal  
1971AA*6-415988Big 8 S5-311870 Leon Regal  
1970AA*10-028256Big 8 S8-023538 Leon Regal  
1969AA*7-225279Big 8 S5-218773 Charles Ellzey  
1968AA*8-2262113Big 8 S6-118277 Charles Ellzey  
1967AA*8-1-120086Big 8 S7-1-118786 Charles Ellzey  
1966AA*7-321392Big 8 S6-318676 Charles Ellzey  
1965AA*9-1-123045Big 8 S8-0-119432 Lindy Callahan  
1964AA*11-032887Big 8 S*9-031280 Lindy Callahan  
1963AA*10-0-126232Big 8 S*8-020626 Lindy Callahan  
1962AA*8-1-118781Big 8 S7-0-116667 Lindy Callahan  
1961AA*8-1-118339Big 8 S7-116433 Lindy Callahan  
1960AA*8-225561Big 8 S6-216947 Lindy Callahan  
1959AA*3-7156137Big 8 S2-6124123 Lindy Callahan  
1958AA*6-2-214483Big 8 S4-2-210976 Lindy Callahan  
1957AA*6-3-116376Big 8 S6-3-116376 Lindy Callahan  
1956AA*8-216592Big 8 S7-215785 Lindy Callahan  
1955AA*5-5136118Big 8 S3-59199 Lindy Callahan  
1954AA*4-6112170Big 83-592151 Roland Dale  
1953AA*8-2241181Big 86-2167140 Roland Dale  
1952AA*2-887293Big 81-769250 Warren Watkins  
1951AA*4-6186168Big 8 S2-6110162 Warren Watkins  
1950AA*3-7122187Big 8 S3-5102147 Warren Watkins  
1949AA*4-6115115Big 82-575102 James Landrum  
1948AA*4-5-1151117Big 82-4-17391 James Landrum  
1947AA*2-6-15190Big 81-6-12590 James Landrum  
1946AA*4-4-288109Big 83-4-16997 James Landrum  
1945AA*4-4-193131Big 83-26275 James Landrum  
1944AA*7-219153Big 83-111219 James Landrum  
1943AA*4-3-27980Big 81-2-13045 James Landrum  
1942AA*3-7-143146Big 81-3-11259 Shag Goolsby  
1941AA*5-5167103Big 82-34460 Nick Duncan  
1940AA*4-7101135Big 80-5088 Nick Duncan  
1939AA*5-5-1157105Big 81-4-13386 Nick Duncan  
1938AA*4-3-310571Big 81-3-22051 Nick Duncan  
1937AA*6-5144122Big 83-580103 Nick Duncan  
1936AA*5-5-1135131Big 83-532125 Bryan Smith  
1935AA*10-120038Big 8*6-0580 Bryan Smith  
1934AA*4-4-27671Big 82-3-13239 Bryan Smith  
1933AA*3-65396Big 80-51282 Bryan Smith  
1932AA1-6-126115Big 80-613103 Bryan Smith  
1931AA*1-7-149136Big 80-612118 Robert F. Laird  
1930AA*4-5-112667Big 81-3-12248 Robert F. Laird  
1929AA*6-1-223872Big 82-0-28036 Robert F. Laird  
1928AA6-316664Big 82-23832 Robert F. Laird  
1927AA5-210319Big 8 Robert F. Laird  
1926AA2-1597Big 8 Robert F. Laird  
19252-33187 Wilson  
19244-0490 Wilson  
19232-2-16122 V.P. Ferguson  
19220-2077 V.P. Ferguson  
19211-0-1187 Roy Bridges  
19201-0-1146 Roy Bridges  
19140-000 Carl Gates  
19130-000 Hudson  
19110-000 C. A. Galloway  
19100-000 Newton  
19090-000 Carl Gates  
19080-1624 Carl Gates  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

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