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Newton Yearly Summary

Newton Tigers
Newton High School

201 West 1st Street Newton, MS
Colors: Royal Blue & White
Coach: Zack Grady

   Overall   Playoffs   District Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   District  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20232A*0-1020541350-468151 Zack Grady  
20222A*5-62633630-105552-2110109 Zack Grady  
20212A*9-43733072-19810452-28092 Zack Grady  
20202A*6-41531851-1234461-347105 Zack Grady  
20192A*0-1011038760-440211 Zack Grady  
20182A*1-914438940-449152 Zack Grady  
20172A*6-53702740-1282941-3108129 Ryan Smith  
20162A*7-42422660-1162054-1141130 Ryan Smith  
20152A*2-824436951-4138173 Chris Gale  
20142A*2-914435451-4109186 Chris Gale  
20132A*4-81872650-1223452-37089 Chris Gale  
20123A*2-91223250-106952-390110 Chris Gale  
20113A*2-927035151-4138158 James Johnson  
20102A*6-62453340-184253-2152144 Ed Stanley  
20092A*2-912436051-470163 James Johnson  
20082A*6-52202430-1133152-4115162 James Johnson  
20072A*4-617119152-495140 Tim Moore  
20062A*2-717830350-6108230 Tim Moore  
20052A*0-98424550-666191 Tim Moore  
20042A*3-81602750-1141753-211692 Pepper Posey  
20032A*4-71801400-172153-212137 Pepper Posey  
20022A*8-32521880-1183454-114885 Brad Peterson  
20012A*9-33661701-139205#5-020852 Brad Peterson  
20002A*4-720729571-5112159 Brad Peterson  
19992A*5-624421373-3168103 Brad Peterson  
19982A*8-336719574-2216131 Jeff Breland  
19972A*9-22641510-103575-115066 Jeff Breland  
19962A*11-23561482-1854874-113767 Roy McCrory  
19952A*9-42811982-1515474-212498 Roy McCrory  
19942A*6-418916073-210488 Roy McCrory  
19932A*3-73919672-319111 Roy McCrory  
19923A*4-71081740-172854-28252 Jim Duncan  
19913A*5-61461760-120225#5-19470 Jim Duncan  
19903A*5-580123103-24757 Jim Duncan  
19893A*6-52121910-1144510#3-19760 Jim Duncan  
19883A*4-6153152103-26641 Jim Duncan  
19873A*7-42101110-1013103-210957 Butch Newman  
19863A*10-1318980-17205 N#5-018648 Butch Newman  
19853A*6-51791365 W2-14649 Butch Newman  
19843A*4-61071325 W0-41475 Butch Newman  
1983A*8-22111125 W#4-09927 Butch Newman  
1982A*3-61561185 W1-26240 Butch Newman  
1981A*7-2151825 W2-13449 Butch Newman  
Conference Years
   Overall      Conference Record 
      (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA      Conference  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
1980*10-130371Choctaw*6-020350 Butch Newman  
1979*4-5-1203118Choctaw1-510092 Phil Hannon  
1978*1-10101271Choctaw1-549153 Phil Hannon  
1977*0-1033327Choctaw0-32094 Charles Beall  
1976*1-959338Choctaw1-651245 Rodney Bounds  
1975*2-880268Choctaw2-452136 Andy Armstrong  
1974*1-6-3127208Choctaw1-3-286122 Andy Armstrong  
1973*5-5162165Choctaw3-311299 James Nelson  
1972*2-8100346Choctaw1-666257 Gerald Hegan  
1971*5-5213230 James Nelson  
1970*2-8131208Choctaw2-5100137 James Nelson  
1969*1-9117264Choctaw1-6105178 James Nelson  
1968*5-5140175Choctaw5-212785 James Nelson  
1967*2-7-175244Choctaw1-5-172183 James Nelson  
1966*6-3-1229139Choctaw4-2-114388 James Nelson  
1965*7-3232112Choctaw5-215560 James Nelson  
1964*5-5-1175197Choctaw4-3131103 James Nelson  
1963*7-3-1202133Choctaw6-1-116183 James Nelson  
1962*2-6-194183Choctaw1-4-145109 Bill Lindsley  
1961*8-2-1221134Choctaw5-1-112072 Bill Lindsley  
1960*6-3-1112135Choctaw4-1-17866 Bill Lindsley  
1959*4-7146271Choctaw3-5119163 Bill Lindsley  
1958*8-3230109Choctaw6-216480 Bill Lindsley  
1957*4-5140147Choctaw2-49696 Bill Lindsley  
1956*5-4184166Choctaw3-3118133 Bill Lindsley  
1955*4-6138185Choctaw3-39889 Preston Beatty  
1954*1-9117335Choctaw1-565220 Preston Beatty  
1953*4-7114208Choctaw1-443125 J.T. Smith  
1952*7-4219175Choctaw2-3105118 Preston Beatty  
1951*7-3-1257173Choctaw3-2-1144104 Preston Beatty  
1950*8-2229153Choctaw4-111867 Preston Beatty  
1949*6-5169194Choctaw3-3104109 Preston Beatty  
19488-4230117Choctaw3-39851 Preston Beatty  
19476-211039Choctaw3-26233 Preston Beatty  
19443-2-27548 Edward Lee Morgan  
19430-57107 Edward Lee Morgan  
19422-6-292120 Edward Lee Morgan  
19418-224077 Edward Lee Morgan  
19408-3-1167101 Edward Lee Morgan  
19395-3105117 Edward Lee Morgan  
19390-000 Edward Lee Morgan  
19383-1-210225 Edward Lee Morgan  
19373-2-16370 Edward Lee Morgan  
19363-2-16531 Clyde E. Stuart  
19353-0377 Clyde E. Stuart  
19344-07013 Clyde E. Stuart  
1933*7-3-113191 E.L. Morgan  
19321-0-1200 E.L. Morgan  
19313-12771 E.L. Morgan  
19292-22649 C.G. Scott  
19282-15265 C.G. Scott  
19270-22439 C.G. Scott  
1926*3-5-1133146 C.G. Scott  
19241-23726 J.K. Wilson  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
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