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Pascagoula Yearly Summary

Pascagoula Panthers
Pascagoula High School

1716 Tucker Avenue Pascagoula, MS
Stadium: War Memorial Stadium
Colors: Red & Blue
Coach: Lewis Sims

   Overall   Playoffs   District Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   District  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20246A0-0004 Lewis Sims  
20236A*8-43212941-174443-2172175 Lewis Sims  
20226A*4-623427742-5184202 Lewis Sims  
20216A*4-630735743-4197235 Lewis Sims  
20205A*8-53163182-152504#5-2219163 Lewis Sims  
20195A*6-63023350-1182144-3191194 Lewis Sims  
20186A*1-1018435440-7127220 Lewis Sims  
20176A*3-820331441-6130224 Lewis Sims  
20165A*6-62442660-1243145-2164146 Lewis Sims  
20155A*9-42792091-1364346-116190 Lewis Sims  
20145A*9-43591881-1384546-122882 Lewis Sims  
20135A*10-23331820-120284#7-023274 Lewis Sims  
20125A*11-33271993-1935445-2177131 Lewis Sims  
20115A*9-43902071-1424145-2205104 Lewis Sims  
20106A*5-624330043-4157202 Scott Sisson  
20096A*2-915229141-6116211 Scott Sisson  
20085A*4-719626842-5111157 Scott Sisson  
20075A*8-33211910-1274245-2226132 Scott Sisson  
20065A*6-62192730-164245-2141123 Scott Sisson  
20055A*3-514617943-4146140 Dan Bland  
20045A*4-614618242-595162 Dan Bland  
20035A*8-41841680-10344#6-113082 Dan Bland  
20025A*4-81973130-174644-3118133 Dan Bland  
20015A*3-713818043-490108 Dan Bland  
20005A*4-618621142-4108142 Joe Gaddis  
19995A*5-72652890-162443-3154178 Joe Gaddis  
19985A*2-911527040-755227 Jamie Kelly  
19975A*5-622630843-4171202 Jamie Kelly  
19965A*7-42032000-162445-2144133 Bill Matthews  
19955A*6-61882511-1233544-4127193 Bill Matthews  
19945A*7-420926744-3118160 Bill Matthews  
19935A*3-81482280-1225243-49783 Bill Matthews  
19925A*6-61991480-171072-17232 Bill Matthews  
19915A*6-412910371-24233 Bill Matthews  
19905A*7-41401551-144377#3-03622 Bill Matthews  
19895A*6-51691740-192372-13354 Bill Matthews  
19885A*10-2273971-158257#3-08036 Bill Matthews  
19875A*14-0391844-096287#3-07831 Bill Matthews  
19865A*3-71111698 W1-23446 Bill Matthews  
19855A*4-612714782-37869 Luther Kuykendall  
19845A*6-41501148 S1-22731 Luther Kuykendall  
1983AA*7-4140758 N3-14322 Luther Kuykendall  
1982AA*6-4106818 N1-22035 Luther Kuykendall  
1981AA*5-71221740-10418 N#3-05143 Mike Battles Sr.  
Conference Years
   Overall      Conference Record 
      (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA      Conference  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
1980AA*5-5177183Big 8 CO1-367103 Johnny Woitt  
1979AA*4-5102116Big 8 CO1-36092 Johnny Woitt  
1978AA*7-4200115Big 8 CO1-35560 Johnny Woitt  
1977AA*4-699127Big 8 CO1-33457 Johnny Woitt  
1976AA*12-030367Big 8 S*5-014328 Johnny Woitt  
1975AA*4-5187154Big 8 CO2-3123100 Johnny Woitt  
1974AA*8-2180139Big 8 CO4-19982 Johnny Woitt  
1973AA*5-2-211091Big 8 S5-2-110384 Aubrey Rozell  
1972AA*4-5109169Big 8 S3-580166 Aubrey Rozell  
1971AA*6-5164143Big 8 S5-314897 Aubrey Rozell  
1970AA*6-4153117Big 8 S5-311997 Aubrey Rozell  
1969AA*7-3203120Big 8 S4-313493 Aubrey Rozell  
1968AA*4-6116152Big 8 S3-4106124 Levaine Hollingshead  
1967AA*7-3-1188157Big 8 S4-2-112597 Levaine Hollingshead  
1966AA*6-3-1184163Big 8 S5-2-1161143 Ed Langford  
1965AA*7-2-119967Big 8 S6-2-118067 Ed Langford  
1964AA*4-5-194148Big 8 S4-4-194128 Ed Langford  
1963AA*5-5151125Big 8 S4-5137113 Ed Langford  
1962AA*6-2-29860Big 8 S5-2-29660 Ed Langford  
1961AA*6-516078Big 8 S4-414072 Bruce Bradley  
1960AA*9-116562Big 8 S7-113850 Bruce Bradley  
1959AA*5-5112131Big 8 S4-492104 Bruce Bradley  
1958AA*1-958259Big 8 S0-845241 Bernard Blackwell  
1957AA*3-6134151Big 8 S2-596125 Donald Gibson  
1956AA*5-5132107Big 8 S3-510087 Donald Gibson  
1955AA*7-318072Big 8 S5-29646 Donald Gibson  
1954AA*5-4-1127104Big 84-39379 Donald Gibson  
1953AA*6-415174Big 85-211247 Thomas Binion  
1952AA*6-4203132Big 84-313797 Thomas Binion  
1951AA*7-3-119698Big 8 S4-3-112885 Thomas Binion  
1950AA*5-4-1158163Big 8 S3-4-1103131 Thomas Binion  
1949AA*1-938216Big 80-613135 Thomas Binion  
1948AA*1-913279Big 81-613199 Felix Neal  
1947AA*12-036350Big 8*6-014918 T.D. Holden  
1946AA*5-513378Big 80-31239 T.D. Holden  
19457-320355 T.D. Holden  
19448-18119 T.D. Holden  
1942*1-4-13269 Jimmy Nesbit  
1940*3-7-177188 Tracey Walker  
1939*9-218194 C.V. Stripling  
19374-3-29840 R.H. Lyons  
1936*4-5-219452 Tom Wells  
19349-032231 Charles Moore.  
1933*10-123955 Charles Moore.  
19294-411492 E.P. Sylvester   

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
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