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Petal Yearly Summary

Petal Panthers
Petal High School

1145 Hwy. 42 East Petal, MS
Stadium: Panther Stadium
Colors: Red & White
Coach: Allen Glenn

   Overall   Playoffs   District Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   District  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20237A*3-21581603 Allen Glenn  
20226A*4-724926631-6132180 Allen Glenn  
20216A*4-718631631-6118251 Allen Glenn  
20206A*6-52842230-1313334-3149130 Marcus Boyles  
20196A*12-24222182-186493#7-0221117 Marcus Boyles  
20186A*6-73492931-1694834-3185142 Marcus Boyles  
20176A*8-54283041-1706635-2230135 Marcus Boyles  
20166A*9-54363422-1666935-2232156 Marcus Boyles  
20156A*10-54683803-111810635-2252186 Marcus Boyles  
20146A*7-54093390-1173434-3238184 Marcus Boyles  
20136A*10-34392761-1565935-2222117 Marcus Boyles  
20126A*12-24813002-1109833#7-0229109 Marcus Boyles  
20116A*10-54733343-11379736-1258145 Steve Buckley  
20106A*9-33792530-134354#6-1250131 Steve Buckley  
20096A*7-52632040-1141945-2178105 Steve Buckley  
20085A*10-23532270-121254#7-0227118 Steve Buckley  
20075A*4-722627343-4168166 Steve Buckley  
20064A*8-33731950-1294854-218794 Bubba Davis  
20054A*6-43382240-1213553-3184150 Bubba Davis  
20044A*3-723724871-5143196 Lonny Schraeder  
20034A*7-43652420-1142074-2214132 Lonny Schraeder  
20025A*4-717428332-579183 Lonny Schraeder  
20015A*0-1010330030-770236 Lonny Schraeder  
20004A*9-33171280-1143475-220975 Nevil Barr  
19994A*8-438626374-3218150 Nevil Barr  
19984A*3-722628873-4191203 Nevil Barr  
19974A*6-52943280-1184176-1241199 Nevil Barr  
19964A*10-13471860-16217#6-0224108 Nevil Barr  
19954A*7-43311720-1242775-121478 Nevil Barr  
19944A*7-53252240-162874-2151103 Nevil Barr  
19934A*8-326017174-2140115 Nevil Barr  
19924A*7-421616264-2140110 Nevil Barr  
19914A*8-32791530-1122165-112876 Nevil Barr  
19904A*5-522913161-24940 Nevil Barr  
19894A*2-810619860-31291 Nevil Barr  
19884A*4-61631770-1142962-16028 Pat Davis  
19874A*5-61961650-13106#3-010430 Pat Davis  
19864A*3-711320351-33288 Rush McKay  
19854A*2-87523551-445114 Rush McKay  
19844A*6-415214251-33588 Tom Clark  
1983AA*8-32251535 S1-24869 Tom Clark  
1982AA*5-51992245 S2-16862 Rodney Stokes  
1981AA*4-51051335 S1-34870 Rodney Stokes  
Conference Years
   Overall      Conference Record 
      (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA      Conference  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
1980*11-132774Southern5-114556 Rodney Stokes  
1979*3-6121189Southern2-366104 Rodney Stokes  
1978*6-3-1155125Southern3-28771 Ronnie McNair  
1977*0-1060363Southern0-634218 Ronnie McNair  
1976*4-5-1151145DeSoto0-21460 Glenn Rhoads  
1975*5-5112131DeSoto0-31669 Glenn Rhoads  
1974*8-217974DeSoto4-19028 Paul Pounds  
1973*4-6-1123207DeSoto2-2-14356 Paul Pounds  
1972*4-6119157DeSoto3-39983 Mike Walters  
1971*10-127673DeSoto6-119538 Jimmy Havard  
1970*5-4133102DeSoto5-212159 Jimmy Havard  
1969*5-3-1196127DeSoto5-1-115976 Jimmy Havard  
1968*6-315797DeSoto5-112446 Jimmy Havard  
1967*6-412382DeSoto5-29850 Jimmy Havard  
1966*7-2-122486DeSoto3-1-19347 Jimmy Havard  
1965*8-223281DeSoto6-115846 Jimmy Havard  
1964*4-693166DeSoto4-27364 Ed Walker  
1963*2-37372Ind Barry Wilkes  
1962*8-1-122138DeSoto5-1-114825 Herbert Ray Nobles  
1961*8-230272DeSoto*8-130259 Herbert Ray Nobles  
1960*8-3285196DeSoto6-2212163 Louis McKissack  
1959*9-129083DeSoto Louis McKissack  
1958*5-4-1179158DeSoto Louis McKissack  
1957*8-1-120883DeSoto Louis McKissack  
1956*3-7157135DeSoto Louis McKissack  
1955*8-216971DeSoto Louis McKissack  
1954*5-4-1169149DeSoto Louis McKissack  
1953*7-3135105DeSoto Louis McKissack  
1952*2-876150 Louis McKissack  
1951*7-3125115 Archie Odom  
1950*5-2-314898 Archie Odom  
1948*8-322573 Bernie Wilkes  
19460-8-125219 Dick Potter  
19453-25554 Luther Hollingsworth  
19401-31250 Otto Phillips  
1939*6-412370 Otto Phillips  
19380-0-100 Otto Phillips  
19373-4-193140 Otto Phillips  
19360-900 Otto Phillips  
19352-23426 Goofus Boyd  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
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