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Purvis Yearly Summary

Purvis Tornadoes
Purvis Attendance Center

220 School Street Purvis, MS
Stadium: Cowart Stadium
Colors: Purple & Gold
Coach: Brad Hankins

   Overall   Playoffs   District Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   District  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20234A*5-526028471-3123148 Brad Hankins  
20224A*4-620227370-555176 Brad Hankins  
20214A*2-716030971-438160 Brad Hankins  
20204A*6-42271790-1142372-3113122 Brad Hankins  
20194A*6-62583390-1203573-2101172 Brad Hankins  
20184A*2-816632871-475154 Brad Hankins  
20174A*6-74094612-1959572-3208220 Perry Wheat  
20164A*9-43572752-1525474-115878 Perry Wheat  
20154A*7-52752181-131337#5-017162 Perry Wheat  
20144A*11-34333063-113510774-1164122 Perry Wheat  
20134A*9-34132311-1622874-1189124 Perry Wheat  
20124A*6-53302210-1203173-214680 Perry Wheat  
20114A*7-42712270-1142174-114393 Perry Wheat  
20104A*10-24131871-1512785-120397 Perry Wheat  
20094A*6-52802600-1243184-2158139 Perry Wheat  
20083A*7-43112040-1206084-218789 Perry Wheat  
20073A*6-63003371-1486083-3171187 Perry Wheat  
20063A*2-812328180-664194 Perry Wheat  
20053A*2-69519481-575182 Wayne Carr  
20043A*2-814135282-482180 Wayne Carr  
20033A*5-62182290-1143284-213591 Wayne Carr  
20023A*3-714322081-555154 Wayne Carr  
20013A*2-815120281-5102132 Ken Chandler  
20003A*1-109029380-647172 Ken Chandler  
19993A*2-813423980-640155 Ken Chandler  
19983A*10-2303701-127308#5-012125 Jim Sizemore  
19973A*12-13871112-138348#5-017735 Jim Sizemore  
19963A*10-1267490-16148#5-011914 Jim Sizemore  
19953A*8-42301360-10983-29171 Jim Sizemore  
19943A*4-614821382-447128 Jim Sizemore  
19933A*4-714818583-39679 Jim Sizemore  
19923A*1-96436781-532216 Robert Walker  
19913A*0-101829080-618166 Robert Walker  
19903A*3-7135249152-387121 Robert Walker  
19893A*5-5157157153-28266 Jack Craft  
19883A*1-898217151-33292 Jack Craft  
19873A*5-4194156151-36162 Jack Craft  
19863A*5-51541908 N3-16957 Jack Craft  
19853A*9-2264928 N#4-09214 Jack Craft  
19843A*4-6811718 N2-24054 Jack Craft  
1983A*4-6841338 N2-21464 Jack Craft  
1982A*5-41251098 N1-22628 Jack Craft  
1981A*2-7611528 N0-2042 Jack Craft  
Conference Years
   Overall      Conference Record 
      (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA      Conference  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
1980*6-3-1140124Apache6-111059 Jack Craft  
1979*5-4156109Apache3-49887 Jack Craft  
1978*8-1-118849Apache*7-115029 Jack Craft  
1977*8-221873Apache5-211566 Jack Craft  
1976*5-4-1179130Apache4-213148 Jack Craft  
1975*8-323278Apache5-013022 Jack Craft  
1974*8-2247102Apache4-110964 Jack Craft  
1973*8-2339145Apache4-116359 Jack Craft  
1972*8-324232Apache*7-02164 Jack Craft  
1971*8-3348170Apache6-1294129 Jack Craft  
1970*7-2-233281Apache4-1-118443 Jack Craft  
1969*10-1287106Apache*6-117776 Jack Craft  
1968*8-232985Apache4-221960 Jack Craft  
1967*7-2-1226124Apache4-112172 Jack Craft  
1966*7-2-224984Apache*3-0-213838 Latrelle Williams  
1965*4-6-1215173DeSoto1-5-187126 Latrelle Williams  
1964*6-2-2139103DeSoto2-2-27977 Latrelle Williams  
1963*6-313472DeSoto2-25239 Latrelle Williams  
1962*4-5-1118138DeSoto2-4-173106 Latrelle Williams  
1961*5-4-1161119DeSoto3-4-1129105 Latrelle Williams  
1960*2-872216DeSoto1-639177 Latrelle Williams  
1959*2-8100214DeSoto James Mangum  
1958*6-3-117688DeSoto James Mangum  
1957*8-1-119445DeSoto James Mangum  
1956*8-2-1232121DeSoto James Mangum  
1955*4-692143DeSoto Clyde Benton  
1954*4-697173DeSoto James Mangum  
1953*4-6151164DeSoto James Mangum  
1952*8-2-1229115 Leslie Stephenson  
1951*3-7112150 Leslie Stephenson  
1950*2-6-263130 Leslie Stephenson  
1949*8-318883 Jack Walters  
1948*8-417395 Jack Walters  
1947*2-5-256114 Roland Loper  
1946*6-515499 Don Cowart  
19458-1-18924 Don Cowart  
19443-2-12013 R.H. Johnson  
1943*0-1040 Don Cowart  
19425-310877 Don Cowart  
1941*11-031919 Don Cowart  
1940*10-0-122926 Don Cowart  
1939*7-2-113735 Don Cowart  
19384-3-19341 Don Cowart  
1937*6-3-212189 Don Cowart  
19261-11315 Brooks  
1922*6-221966 Bob Thompson  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
Join us to submit corrections and new information.