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AHSFHS Article Series

   The best of the best in Alabama High   
  School Football over the past 100 seasons.

Leroy All Star Players and Awards

Leroy Bears
Leroy High School

P.O. Box 40 Leroy, AL 36548
Stadium: Bobby Farish Field at Palmer Stadium
Colors: Black & Gold
Coach: Jason Massey
Region: 1A-R1
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 Honored Players 
 Player   Year   Pos.   Class   Ht.   Wt.   Award   College   Source 
 Alabama vs. Mississippi All Star Game 
 Marc Anthony Coleman2000 RB Sr.6-1190 West Alabama 
 Sammie Coates2010 WR Sr.6-3185 Auburn 
 All Southern 
 Clint Moseley2008 QB Sr.6-3192 Auburn Orlando Sentinel
 Sammie Coates2010 WR Sr.6-4190 Auburn Orlando Sentinel
 AHSAA-University of Alabama All-Star Game 
 Tom Blount1962 MG Sr.185  
 Emmanuel King1980 DE Sr.6-4220 Alabama 
 Joshua Moore2001 OL Sr.6-2290  
 Josh McConico2001 RB Sr.6-8187  
 Chase Warren2016 QB Sr.5-10170  
 Kelston Fikes2020 RB Sr.5-11205  
 Bryston Dixon2022 DT Sr.6-3290  
 2A Back of the Year 
 Marc Anthony Coleman2000 LB Sr.6-1190 West Alabama ASWA
 Clint Moseley2007 QB Jr.6-3195 Auburn ASWA
 Clint Moseley2008 QB Sr.6-3192 Auburn ASWA
 Sammie Coates2010 WR Sr.6-4190 Auburn ASWA
 2A Lineman of the Year 
 Josh Moore2001 OL Sr.6-2282 Jacksonville State ASWA
 Mr. Football 
 Clint Moseley2008 QB Sr.6-3192 Auburn ASWA
 2A Player of the Year 
 Clint Moseley2008 QB Sr.6-3192 Auburn Gatorade
 Super 12 
 Clint Moseley2008 QB Sr.6-3192 Auburn ASWA
 Sammie Coates2010 WR Sr.6-4190 Auburn ASWA

 All State Players 
 Player   Pos.   Class   Ht.   Wt.   Team   College   Source 
 2021   2A 
 Braeden CollinsOL Sr. 5-8220 1st   ASWA
 Bryston DixonDL Jr. 6-2233 1st   ASWA
 Grayson RoeATH Sr. 6-0180 HM   ASWA
 2020   2A 
 Braeden CollinsLB Jr. 5-9213 1st   ASWA
 Grant MasseyOL Sr. 6-0270 1st   ASWA
 Haas FlowersOL Sr. 6-0215 HM   ASWA
 Kelston FikesRB Sr. 5-11205 1st   ASWA
 Malcolm PughDL So. 6-4198 HM   ASWA
 Xavier JonesWR Sr. 5-11150 1st   ASWA
 2019   2A 
 Cameron BettisDL Jr. 5-11212 2nd   ASWA
 Jacob ClarkeOL Sr. 5-10260 2nd   ASWA
 Kelston FikesRB Jr. 5-11205 1st   ASWA
 2018   2A 
 Chance ButtsOL Sr. 6-5275 2nd   ASWA
 Fred FreemanDB Sr. 5-9155 2nd   ASWA
 Karron DaffinDL Sr. 5-9250 1st   ASWA
 Kelston FikesRB So. 5-11190 2nd   ASWA
 Trey SullivanPK Jr. 6-0230 2nd   ASWA
 2017   2A 
 Dristin WeaverLB Sr. 6-1215 2nd   ASWA
 Jacob BrewerDL Sr. 6-0180 2nd   ASWA
 John KarrOL Sr. 6-2220 1st   ASWA
 Kelston FikesRB Fr. 5-9170 1st   ASWA
 2016   2A 
 Trey RiversDB Sr. 5-10160 1st   ASWA
 2014   2A 
 Denzel WoodardREC Jr. 6-1190 2nd   ASWA
 Jamar GoodwinLB Sr. 6-0190 1st   ASWA
 2013   2A 
 Marvin DavidsonRB Sr. HM   ASWA
 Tyler SmithLB Sr. HM   ASWA
 2011   2A 
 Chris ErvinLB Sr.6-0190 1st   ASWA
 Collie ReedDB Sr. HM   ASWA
 Tyler FaithOL Sr.6-2255 1st   ASWA
 2010   2A 
 Andrew WilliamsRB Sr. HM   ASWA
 Brent ReedDB Jr.5-8154 1st   ASWA
 Sammie CoatesWR Sr.6-4190 1st   ASWA
 Surgeo CarrLB Sr.5-9172 1st   ASWA
 William GartmanQB Jr. HM   ASWA
 2009   2A 
 Dominique ReedLB Sr.5-11185 1st   ASWA
 Justin BestedaATH Jr. HM   ASWA
 Sammie CoatesWR Jr.6-3185 1st   ASWA
 2008   2A 
 Aaron WilliamsOL Sr.6-3250 1st   ASWA
 Aerik DavisATH Sr.6-0165 1st   ASWA
 Anthony PayneDL Sr.6-2285 1st   ASWA
 Clint MoseleyQB Sr.6-3192 1st   ASWA
 Josh ErvinLB Sr.5-9198 1st   ASWA
 Michael BracyRB Sr. HM   ASWA
 Stephen ScogginsWR Sr. HM   ASWA
 2007   2A 
 Aerik DavisATH Jr. HM   ASWA
 Clint MoseleyQB Jr.6-3195 1st   ASWA
 Grant BrownDB Sr. HM   ASWA
 Josh ErvinLB Jr.5-8186 1st   ASWA
 Josh TrotterDL Sr. HM   ASWA
 Patrick RiversWR/TE Sr.6-0155 1st   ASWA
 Paul GartmanPK Jr. HM   ASWA
 2006   2A 
 Bryan LankfordOL Sr.6-5215 1st   BN
 Bryan LankfordOL Sr.6-5315 1st   ASWA
 Chris WeaverDB Jr.6-0200 1st   BN
 Chris WeaverDB Jr.6-0200 1st   ASWA
 Clint MoseleyATH So.6-3180 HM   ASWA
 Clint MoseleyQB So.6-3180 HM   BN
 Craig WeaverLB Sr.6-2235 1st   ASWA
 Danny PowellCoach 1st   ASWA
 Johnny WilliamsWR Jr.5-10175 1st   ASWA
 Johnny WilliamsWR Jr.5-10175 HM   BN
 Ronald BraceyRB Sr.5-9160 HM   ASWA
 Ronald BraceyRB Sr.5-9160 HM   BN
 Seth HaedleyDL Sr.5-10190 1st   BN
 Seth HeadleyDL Sr.5-10190 1st   ASWA
 2005   2A 
 Bryan LankfordOL Jr.6-3330 1st   BN
 Bryan LankfordOL Jr.6-3330 1st   ASWA
 Grant BrownLB So. HM   ASWA
 Grant BrownLB So. HM   BN
 Josh ReedWR Sr.6-2175 1st   BN
 Josh ReedWR Sr.6-2175 1st   ASWA
 Logan KeithPK Sr.5-10180 1st   ASWA
 Logan KeithPK Sr.5-10180 1st   BN
 2004   2A 
 Darius ErvinRB Sr.6-2180 1st   ASWA
 Dartus ErvinRB Sr.6-2180 1st   BN
 Herman ChapmanDB Sr.5-10170 1st   ASWA
 Herman ChapmanDB Sr.5-10170 1st   BN
 Josh ReedWR Jr.6-2170 HM   BN
 Josh ReedWR Jr.6-2170 1st   ASWA
 Logan KeithPK Jr. HM   ASWA
 Logan KeithPK Jr. HM   BN
 Patrick McConicoLB Sr.5-9230 1st   BN
 Patrick McConicoLB Sr.5-9230 1st   ASWA
 Ricky OrsoLB HM   ASWA
 Ricky OrsoLB Sr. HM   BN
 2002   2A 
 Marco MorrisLB Sr.6-2200 1st   BN
 Marco MorrisLB Sr.6-2200 1st   ASWA
 Matt PowellWR Sr.5-11190 1st   ASWA
 Matt PowellWR Sr.5-11190 1st   BN
 2001   2A 
 Cody SellersOL Sr. HM   BN
 Josh McConicoRB Sr.5-8195 1st   ASWA
 Josh McConicoATH Sr.5-9190 1st   BN
 Josh MooreL Sr.6-2282 1st   BN
 Josh MooreOL Sr.6-2282 1st   ASWA
 Marco MorrisLB Jr.6-1200 1st   BN
 Marco MorrisLB Jr.6-1200 1st   ASWA
 Matt PowellWR Jr.5-10170 1st   ASWA
 Matt PowellWR Jr.5-10175 1st   BN
 Raynard JonesDB Sr. HM   BN
 Reynard JonesDB Sr.6-0190 1st   ASWA
 2000   2A 
 Josh MooreOL Jr. HM   ASWA
 Josh MooreOL Jr. HM   BN
 Mark Anthony ColemanLB Sr.6-1190 1st   BN
 Mark Anthony ColemanLB Sr.6-1190 1st   ASWA
 Samson ErvinDB Sr.5-10185 1st   ASWA
 Samson ErvinDB Sr.5-10185 1st   BN
 1999   3A 
 Corey DysonDL Sr. HM   BN
 Mark Anthony ColemanLB Jr.6-1180 HM   BN
 Mark Anthony ColemanLB Jr.6-1180 1st   ASWA
 Ray JohnsonDB Sr. HM   BN
 Ray JohnsonDB Sr. HM   ASWA
 1998   3A 
 Johnny JohnsonLB Sr.6-1230 1st   BN
 Johnny JohnsonLB Sr.6-1230 HM   ASWA
 Ray JohnsonWR Jr. HM   ASWA
 Zack DysonDB Sr.5-11160 HM   BN
 Zack DysonATH Sr.5-11160 1st   ASWA
 1997   2A 
 Ivan JohnsonWR Sr.6-3185 HM   BN
 Ivan JohnsonDL Sr.6-3185 1st   ASWA
 Jeremy SullivanOL Sr.6-4290 1st   ASWA
 Jeremy SullivanOL Sr.6-4290 1st   BN
 Johnny JohnsonLB Jr. HM   ASWA
 1996   2A 
 Jacob Van DeeLB Sr.6-3185 HM   ASWA
 Jacob Van DeeDL Sr.6-3185 HM   BN
 Jeremy SullivanOL Jr.6-3290 1st   BN
 Jeremy SullivanOL Jr.6-3295 HM   ASWA
 1995   2A 
 Spencer RossOL Sr.6-1265 1st   ASWA
 Spencer RossOL Sr.6-1265 1st   BN
 1994   2A 
 Marcus WorthyLB Sr.6-2200 1st   BN
 Marcus WorthyLB Sr.6-2210 1st   ASWA
 Reggie DixonRB Sr. HM   BN
 Reggie DixonRB Sr. HM   ASWA
 Spencer RossOL Jr.6-0245 1st   BN
 Spencer RossOL Jr.6-0245 1st   ASWA
 1993   2A 
 Billy SellersTE Sr.6-3220 1st   ASWA
 Billy SellersWR Sr.6-3220 HM   BN
 Curtis BrooksDB Sr.6-3215 1st   BN
 Curtis BrooksDB Sr.6-3215 1st   ASWA
 Jack YelderRB Sr.5-10200 HM   BN
 Jack YelderLB Sr.5-10200 1st   ASWA
 Jack YelderLB Sr.5-10200 HM   BN
 1992   2A 
 Billy SellersTE Jr.6-3180 HM   ASWA
 Curtis BrooksDB Sr.6-3185 1st   BN
 Curtis BrooksDB Sr.6-3185 1st   ASWA
 1991   2A 
 Jason MasseyDL Sr.5-11225 1st   ASWA
 Jason MasseyDL Sr.5-11215 1st   BN
 1990   2A 
 Del SimonLB Sr.5-10185 1st   BN
 Jason MasseyDL Jr.6-0235 HM   ASWA
 Jason MasseyDL Jr.6-0235 HM   BN
 1986   2A 
 Larry CoxOL Sr.6-3230 1st   ASWA
 Larry CoxOL Sr.6-3230 1st   BN
 1984   2A 
 Arthur McBrideRB HM   BN
 Arthur McBrideRB HM   ASWA
 Kendall SullivanOL Sr.6-3295 1st   ASWA
 Kendall SullivanDL Sr.6-3295 1st   BN
 1980   1A/2A 
 Emanuel KingE Sr.6-4225 1st   BN
 Emanuel KingL HM   BPH
 1969   1A/2A 
 Bubba WalkerT HM   BN
 Bubba WalkerL HM   BPH
 1963   1A/2A 
 PerkinsB HM   BN
 1962   1A 
 Tom BlountG 1st   ASWA
 Tom BlountG HM   BPH
 1961   1A 
 Leonard SullivanC HM   BPH
 Leonard SullivanC HM   BN
 1959   1A 
 GartmanB HM   MA
 MauldinT HM   MA
 1958   1A 
 WaitesB HM   MA
 1957   A 
 WaiteHB HM   MA
 1956   1A 
 Dave BoykinB Sr.175 2nd   BN
 WaiteQB HM   MA
 1955   A 
 KellyT HM   MA
 W.T. ShoultzG 3rd   BPH
 WaiteB HM   MA
 1953   A 
 Robert MoseleyE HM   MA
 1950   A 
 HarrisonB HM   MA
 1938   A 
 MoorerE HM   BN
 RichardsonC HM   BN
 RichardsonC HM   MA
 1935   A 
 TurnerB HM   BN
 1934   A 
 MarionB HM   BN

NOTE: We recognize any All State Team we have completed for each classification. If we have omitted anyone selected to an All State Team please inform us once you have verified the source of the team. It is imperative we know who made the selection before it can be included. If you were selected by any organization for an All State Team and we do not have it listed, please submit the entire team for the appropriate classification. This is the only method to make additions to the information documents for All State Teams.
You may also make additions and corrections in the All State Forum.
Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
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Great Moments in Alabama High School Football History

In 1970 Monroe Academy won the first championship in the A.I.S.A. by defeating Lowndes Academy 6-0.