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Forest Yearly Summary

Forest Bearcats
Forest High School

511 Cleveland Street Forest, MS
Stadium: L.O. Atkins Field
Colors: Red, Blue & White
Coach: Tobias Lofton

   Overall   Playoffs   District Record 
   Class   (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA   W/L/T  PF  PA   District  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
20244A0-0005 Tobias Lofton  
20234A*7-323316851-386122 Tobias Lofton  
20223A*3-721628551-455153 David Parker  
20213A*3-715230651-482184 David Parker  
20203A*5-63703931-1827052-299125 Ty Weems  
20193A*3-82173130-114355#3-110266 Ty Weems  
20183A*7-52693040-1226154-116793 Jonathan Worrell  
20173A*10-43842132-173615#4-017526 Jonathan Worrell  
20163A*9-43352641-1405854-117490 Jonathan Worrell  
20153A*9-32992381-1243154-1157109 Jonathan Worrell  
20143A*8-63273042-1544653-212891 Hamer Morgan  
20133A*9-43742381-1353954-118976 Hamer Morgan  
20123A*7-53693001-156476#4-016638 Hamer Morgan  
20113A*10-34611912-194696#5-024642 Judd Boswell  
20103A*15-0552505-0153156#6-024213 Judd Boswell  
20093A*10-23881522-170566#6-021543 Judd Boswell  
20082A*14-15022824-11381365#6-021878 Judd Boswell  
20072A*8-42902451-1414255-1177133 Judd Boswell  
20063A*3-82133420-174952-4106158 Judd Boswell  
20053A*8-42741861-1522854-214999 Judd Boswell  
20043A*11-14951721-148435#6-026063 Brad Peterson  
20033A*10-3-12972003-1104705#5-113080 Brad Peterson  
20023A*3-81262790-165162-363119 Kevin Worrell  
20013A*3-81983430-1225563-2127117 Kevin Worrell  
20003A*7-336213374-222473 Jack French  
19993A*12-2496974-01544976-126157 Jack French  
19983A*11-24421372-186695#6-022422 Jack French  
19973A*9-3-12851341-136235#7-020050 Jack French  
19963A*9-22551340-1152157-014834 Jack French  
19953A*9-33251641-133305#7-024169 Jack French  
19943A*10-1345700-10145#6-020742 Jack French  
19933A*13-15421124-0106435#6-027320 Jack French  
19923A*13-14971074-078406#6-029137 Jack French  
19913A*7-322812864-215666 Jack French  
19903A*7-53031211-15021103-213345 Jack French  
19893A*5-4-1237171102-211173 Jack French  
19883A*10-2281911-1353310#4-113228 Jack French  
19873A*6-5191840-161410#4-112940 Jack French  
19863A*2-7781685 N1-46193 Lawrence Wesson  
19853A*9-2159666 N#4-09221 Lawrence Wesson  
19843A*7-41711286 N#4-09034 Lawrence Wesson  
1983A*7-41591546 N#4-011271 Lawrence Wesson  
1982A*4-61161966 N2-37779 Lawrence Wesson  
1981A*9-52871642-199796 N#4-19417 Lawrence Wesson  
Conference Years
   Overall      Conference Record 
      (Note 1)   W/L/T   PF  PA      Conference  Title  W/L/T   PF  PA  Coach 
1980*2-8134197Little Dixie1-577112 Jim Sizemore  
1979*3-8151264Little Dixie2-481155 Gary Risher  
1978*6-4164146Little Dixie3-391103 Gary Risher  
1977*6-4121126Little Dixie3-45599 Gary Risher  
1976*6-3-118978Little Dixie5-216271 Gary Risher  
1975*9-2274146Little Dixie5-114669 Gary Risher  
1974*7-2-1216107Little Dixie4-1-113949 Gary Risher  
1973*8-322990Little Dixie5-114626 Gary Risher  
1972*7-4311156Little Dixie4-215982 Gary Risher  
1971*9-129599Little Dixie5-115868 Gary Risher  
1970*11-026964Little Dixie*6-010329 Gary Risher  
1969*10-0-137977Little Dixie*7-024052 Kenneth Bramlett  
1968*8-3268119Little Dixie4-3144106 Kenneth Bramlett  
1967*1-961202Little Dixie1-639129 Kenneth Bramlett  
1966*2-8105155Little Dixie1-65796 Kenneth Bramlett  
1965*0-1067310Little Dixie0-747213 Billy Ray Adams  
1964*4-6123163Little Dixie3-476105 Pat Waren  
1963*6-3-114274Little Dixie3-2-17854 Henry Rath  
1962*3-6-1113143Little Dixie1-5-153118 Henry Rath  
1961*0-8-158256Little Dixie0-631161 Pat Waren  
1960*8-1-126872Little Dixie4-1-112252 Kenneth Bramlett  
1959*8-2298127Little Dixie5-115263 Kenneth Bramlett  
1958*8-2-123797Little Dixie3-1-111164 Kenneth Bramlett  
1957*5-5131146Little Dixie2-35393 Kenneth Bramlett  
1956*1-7-296147Little Dixie0-5-15099 Bennie Ray Nobles  
1955*5-4-2117133Little Dixie2-2-26560 Bennie Ray Nobles  
1954*7-4167118Little Dixie3-37065 Audis Gill  
1953*4-4-2115117Little Dixie0-2-1639 Audis Gill  
1952*4-5-1109131Little Dixie1-32552 Audis Gill  
1951*4-6119212Choctaw2-480167 Howard Green   
1950*2-8135229Choctaw1-573152 A.J. Mangum  
19491-5-172169Choctaw0-433117 A.J. Mangum  
19461-41384 Lance Lumpkin  
19453-36373 Marcus Garrett  
19442-3-13943 Marcus Garrett  
19432-1-15226 Marcus Garrett  
19423-43142 Taylor  
19411-3-126108 John Rich  
19403-29284 John Rich  
19396-217245 Luther Hollingsworth  
19383-27722 Ken McCullar  
19353-13152 Roy Hartness  
19293-110312 John H. Meeks  
19273-2-17513 Louis Wilson  
19262-22231 Doss Fulton  
19251-070 Doss Fulton  

Note 1: Seasons are deemed to be complete if we have scores for every game that year.

Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
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