500 Club

2T.R. Miller718
3Fayette County713
5Colbert County678
10Benjamin Russell665
11Bessemer City660
16Pickens County647
27Sidney Lanier608
38Central Phenix City598
41Bibb County589
44Clay County584
45Sweet Water584
47Fort Payne582
57Cherokee County564
58Tuscaloosa County561
66Cedar Bluff549
68Shades Valley548
70Lauderdale County546
74Charles Henderson531
78Baldwin County525
80Escambia County522
82Chilton County519
89Marion County511
91Clarke County504
  Coach  Wins
1Terry Curtis348
2Buddy Anderson346
3Danny Horn341
4Paul Benefield337
5Waldon Tucker322
6Jamie Riggs316
7Glenn Daniel302
8Robby James298
9Wayne Trawick285
10Steve Smith283
11Dale Pruitt279
12Spence McCracken279
13Fred Yancey278
14Nolan Atkins271
15Robert Higginbotham270
16Trent Taylor267
17Wayne Grant264
18Hugh Fountain260
19Mac Champion255
20Lamar Harris254
21H.L. Shorty Ogle253
22Joe Nettles252
23Bobby Carr250
24Mark Freeman247
25Glenn Vickery245
26Hugh OShields244
27Harlan Robinson243
28Randy Ragsdale242
29Robert Gartman242
30Jackie ONeal241


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The History of High School Football in Alabama

      Welcome to the Alabama High School Football Historical Society. Our goal is to chronicle a complete history of high school football in the state of Alabama. We also provide other important information including coaching records, state wide polls, state championship summaries, region and area records and much more. If you can provide accurate scores or any other information related to our efforts we encourage you to contact us.

2022 Playoff Brackets

2022 Playoff Brackets

7A  6A  5A  4A  3A  2A  1A  AISA 

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2022 Region Standings

2022 Region Standings
7A  6A  5A  4A  3A  2A  1A  AISA

Football News

AHSFHS.org                               August 16, 2022
      The toughest schedules in the AHSAA.
    Which team has the most difficult schedule? 

AHSFHS.org                               August 15, 2022
      The best record over a ten year period.
    Which coach won the most games in 10 seasons? 

AHSFHS.org                               August 14, 2022
      Current streaks across the state.
    A look at team records for 2022. 

AHSFHS.org                               August 13, 2022
      AHSAA Kickoff Classic.
    Are you ready for some football? 

AHSFHS.org                               August 12, 2022
      Head coaches approaching milestones this year.
    Coaches approaching milestones in 2022. 

AHSFHS.org                               August 11, 2022
      Who is the winningest active coach in the state?
    Will the all-time record fall this season? 

AHSFHS.org                               August 10, 2022
      Which teams have won the most games?
    The best teams over the past dozen seasons. 

AHSFHS.org                               August 9, 2022
      A few more notes on off season activity.
    Reclassification, competitve balance, NIL & more. 

AHSFHS.org                               August 8, 2022
      Overtime games.
    A brief history on overtime games in Alabama. 

AHSFHS.org                               August 7, 2022
      What teams have never won a championship?
    The best teams to have never won a state title. 

AHSFHS.org                               August 6, 2022
      2022 Mr. Football favorites.
    A little history for the Mr. Football award. 

AHSFHS.org                               August 5, 2022
      Never say never!
    Records that will never be broken. 

AHSFHS.org                               August 4, 2022
      Playoff appearances by a coach.
    Head coaches with the most playoff appearances. 

AHSFHS.org                               August 3, 2022
      Did you know? (part two).
    More useless trivia to pass the time. 

AHSFHS.org                               August 2, 2022
      Did you know? (part one).
    How about some trivia before the season begins in 16 days? 

2022 The Coaches

       A series on all the coaches in each classification. New coaches and a look at a few records. A total of 112 changes during the off season.
7A  6A  5A  4A  3A  2A  1A  AISA

Current Streaks

Winning Streak
          15 - Fyffe
 Losing Streak
          71 - Columbia
 Regular Season Winning Streak
          24 - Catholic Montgomery
 Region Winning Streak
          35 - American Christian
 Region Losing Streak
          58 - Barbour County
 Home Winning Streak
          17 - UMS-Wright
 Consecutive Winning Seasons
          30 - Gordo
 Consecutive Playoff Seasons
          40 - Luverne
 Consecutive Weeks Top Ten Ranking
          260 - Hoover
 Consecutive Games Scoring
          306 - Fyffe

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 Check out the Podcasts with coaches and athletic directors from the state of Georgia and around the country.
Also find great resources proven to be valuable to every high school coach. These articles come from coaches and athletic administrators from all over the country and cover a variety of topics.

2021 Season in review

 A week by week recap of the 2021 football season.

2020 Season in review

 A week by week recap of the 2020 football season.

2019 Season in review

 A week by week recap of the 2019 football season.

2018 Season in review

 A week by week recap of the 2018 football season.

2017 Season in review

A week by week recap of the 2017 football season.

2016 Season in review

 A week by week recap of the football season.

2015 Season in review

 A week by week recap of the football season.

2014 Season in review

 A week by week recap of the football season.

Historical Sports Articles

AHSFHS.org                               July 11th, 2016
      AHSFHS.org is working to complete rosters for each of the State Championship teams since the playoffs began in 1966.
   Championship Team Rosters. 

AHSFHS.org                               February,  2nd, 2016
      Coaches with the most championships in each sport.
   Championship Coaches in Every Sport 

AHSFHS.org                               February,  2nd, 2016
      Finding the winning coaches in each sport.
   Winning Coaches 

Article Archives

Article Archives - past articles about the history of high school football in Alabama.

Other Team Sports

Following years of research, in June of 2007 the AHSFHS.org website became a reality. Many people have gotten involved to assist with the research of the schools and teams to make this possible.

In 2012 other team sports joined football as a part of our research. Initially AHSFHS.org will include information about the state tournament, all state teams, all tournament teams, player awards, coaches and team records. The additional team sports will include Basketball and Soccer for both boys and girls, Volleyball, Baseball and Softball.

Check it out here at WWW.AHSFHS.org/sports

2023 Coaching Changes

     Every high school football head coaching change since the end of the 2022 football season.

2022 Super Seven

2022  AHSAA  Super Seven Championships
7A  Thompson 49, Auburn 24
6A  Saraland 38, Mountain Brook 17
5A  Ramsay 41, Charles Henderson 20
4A  Andalusia 28, Cherokee County 7
3A  St. James 45, Piedmont 28
2A  Fyffe 40, B.B. Comer 28
1A  Leroy 42, Pickens County 20

2022 Football Season

Week Eleven
 Week Eleven Tidbits & Records
 How the Top Ten fared
 Week Eleven Scores
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 Week Eleven Schedule

Week Ten
 Week Ten Tidbits & Records
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Week Nine
 Week Nine Tidbits & Records
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Week Eight
 Week Eight Tidbits & Records
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Week Seven
 Week Seven Tidbits & Records
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Week Six
 Week Six Tidbits & Records
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Week Five
 Week Five Tidbits & Records
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Week Four
 Week Four Tidbits & Records
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Week Three
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Week Two
 Week Two Tidbits & Records
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Week One
 Week One Tidbits & Records
 Week One Scores
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 Preseason Tidbits & Records
 Preseason ASWA Football Poll

2022 Season Previews

Our Predictions

       AHSFHS.org predictions for each calssification in the AHSAA. Is your team ranked? Our top ten for each class and a lot more.
7A  6A  5A  4A  3A  2A  1A 

       A look at every high school football team as they prepare for the upcoming season.
     Find any team in the AHSAA or AISA.

2022 Coaching Changes

     Every high school football head coaching change since the end of the 2021 football season.

Realignment 2022-23

AHSFHS.org                               December, 14th, 2021
Realignment 2022-23
      The AHSAA has released the new classification for the next two seasons.
7A  6A  5A  4A  3A  2A  1A 

News Archives

AHSFHS.org                               October 16th, 2018
      Championship Game Rosters.
   Our search continues for the championship game rosters. 

AHSFHS.org                               August 17th, 2019
      Winning teams this Decade.
   Which teams have won the most games this decade? 

AHSFHS.org                               August 17th, 2017
      The Fastest to 100 Wins.
   Which coach got to 100 wins the fastest? 

AHSFHS.org                               July 25th, 2017
      AIAA Schools
   How much do you know about the AIAA schools? 

Articles ASHFHS.org

AHSFHS.org                               August 31st, 2016
      Who has the worst football program in the state's history?
   A look at the other side of winning. 

AHSFHS.org                               July 26th, 2016
      What football programs won the most games prior to the playoff system?
   The best programs pre-1966. 

AHSFHS.org                               July 22nd, 2016
      Over the past 100 years a few strange things have occurred in football.
   Strange and odd facts. 

AHSFHS.org                               July 20th, 2016
      Which team put together the most consecutive 10 win seasons?
   Consecutive 10 win seasons. 

Alabama High School Football

       Our latest series will look at the undefeated teams and their amazing seasons. A game-by-game summary of the teams that navigated an entire season without losing a game.

       The Undefeated Playoff Teams

       A series of articles we began last season and will update each year about the men who have roamed the sideline of the Alabama high school football fields over the past 100 years. Find out who are the best of all-time.

       The Coaches of Alabama High School Football

       Over the past 100 years there are games that have come to define the meaning of the word memorable. Fans remember them for years to come and talk about them forever. We take a look at some of those games in a series on the greatest games in history.

       The Greatest Games in High School Football

       With the recent talk among college football fans debating whether the current Alabama team is considered a dynasty, we at AHSFHS.org thought it would be great to look back at some of the dynasties in high school football.

       The Alabama High School Football Dynasties

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ASHFHS.org Progress

   You can keep track of our progress in completing teams back through the 1950 season by clicking on the link in the right-hand column called 'Our Progress'.
We are working to finish as many teams as possible back through the 1950 season. If you can assist us in this research in any way just let us know.
More information  

  We are also interested in completing the coaches for every team. If you can assist us in any way we will appreciate the help.

The Beginning

The game of American football as played today by high school, college, and professional teams grew out of rugby-style football which in the mid-1870s replaced a largely kicking game known as association football. Although initially played on village greens and on college fields, the first intercollegiate game took place on 6 November 1869 when Rutgers defeated Princeton 6-4 in a soccer-style game. Five years later, Montreal's McGill University playing at Harvard introduced rugby football, which would be rapidly adopted by eastern teams.   *Answers.com