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AHSFHS Article Series

   The best of the best in Alabama High   
  School Football over the past 100 seasons.

Foley All Star Players and Awards

Foley Lions
Foley High School

1 Pride Drive Foley, AL 36535
Stadium: Ivan Jones Stadium
Colors: Blue & Gold
Coach: Deric Scott
Region: 7A-R1
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 Honored Players 
 Player   Year   Pos.   Class   Ht.   Wt.   Award   College   Source 
 Alabama vs. Mississippi All Star Game 
 Herbert Casey1987 TE Sr.6-1180 Auburn 
 Chris Watton1995 LB Sr.6-4250 Baylor 
 Anthony Rider2000 OL Sr.6-2275 Central Florida 
 Calvin Nichols2005 LB Sr.6-0235 North Alabama 
 Julio Jones2007 WR Sr.6-4210 Alabama 
 Robert Lester2007 DB Sr.6-2205 Alabama 
 D.J. Fluker2008 OL Sr.6-7350 Alabama 
 Justin Anderson2008 DE Sr.6-3238 La. Lafayette 
 Jorge Santa Maria2009 PK Sr.5-10190  
 Steven Jones2010 OL Sr.6-2258  
 Nick Lawhorn2010 OL Sr.6-4260  
 DreShon McGaster2010 DL Sr.6-2221 Troy 
 Kalif Koen2011 RB Sr.5-11197  
 Bob Pugh2011 WR Sr.6-0181  
 Darius Paige2012 DL 6-4310  
 Cedrix Reed2012 RB 5-10185  
 Alontai Adams2012 TE 6-3201  
 DeMarcus Bingham2013 TE 6-3210  
 Tyler Cameron2014 QB Sr.6-3205  
 Jalen Henry2014 ILB Sr.6-0215  
 Clayton McConnell2016 OL Sr.6-3270  
 All American 
 Bobby Lauder1955 B Sr.  WW
 Richard Wirth1956 B Sr.  WW
 Danny Mastream1956 C Sr.  WW
 Julio Jones2007 WR Sr.6-4210 Alabama Parade
 Julio Jones2007 WR Sr.6-4210 Alabama EA Sports
 Julio Jones2007 WR Sr.6-4210 Alabama PrepNation
 Julio Jones2007 WR Sr.6-4210 Alabama Under Armour
 D.J. Fluker2008 OL Sr.6-7350 Alabama Parade
 D.J. Fluker2008 OL Sr.6-7350 Alabama U.S. Army
 All Southern 
 Anthony DeMarlo1961 HB Sr.172 Georgia Tech Orlando Sentinel
 Kenny Stabler1963 QB Sr.6-2170 Alabama Orlando Sentinel
 Herbert Casey1987 QB Sr.6-1180 Auburn Orlando Sentinel
 Julio Jones2007 WR Sr.6-4210 Alabama Orlando Sentinel
 D.J. Fluker2008 OL Sr.6-7350 Alabama Orlando Sentinel
 AHSAA-University of Alabama All-Star Game 
 Bobby Lauder1955 DB Sr.5-11170 Auburn 
 Billy Walker1955 E Sr.6-1190 Alabama 
 Danny Mastream1956 C Sr.5-11180  
 Anthony DeMarlo1961 HB Sr.5-7165 Georgia Tech 
 Ronnie Helton1962 E Sr.6-3180 Tulane 
 Don Foster1962 HB Sr.5-10188 Georgia Tech 
 Kenny Stabler1963 QB Sr.6-2175 Alabama 
 Freddie Michaelson1964 MG Sr.6-0195 Tulane 
 Marshall Underwood1966 DB Sr.6-1175 Auburn 
 Steve Allen1977 NG Sr.6-4210 Troy State 
 Louis Dean1982 DB Sr.5-9178 Alabama 
 Lewis Wilson1983 DB Sr. East Carolina 
 Rod Thompson1997 DL Sr. 6-1250  
 Don Page1997 TE Sr. 6-4240  
 Ross Bereton1999 DL Sr.  
 Roosevelt Byrd2005 QB Sr.6-1195  
 Jason Adams2005 OL Sr.5-11270  
 Baxter Anderson2006 DL Sr.6-2230  
 Devin Smith 2007 QB Sr.5-11175  
 Trevior Graves2008 DL Sr.  
 Max Woerner2009 LB Sr.  
 Ramon Wilson2010 OL Sr.6-2314  
 Matthew Robinson2010 OL Sr.6-4270  
 Volantai Adams2013 WR Sr.6-1195  
 Wendell Harris2014 DB Sr.5-9178  
 Jose Mendoza2014 K Sr.6-0150  
 Jaret Powell2015 DB Sr.5-9175  
 Forrest Taylor2020 K/P Sr.5-11170  
 Julio Jones2007 WR Sr.6-4210 Alabama USA Today
 D.J. Fluker2008 OL Sr.6-7350 Alabama USA Today
 6A Back of the Year 
 Julio Jones2007 WR Sr.6-4210 Alabama ASWA
 Mr. Football 
 Julio Jones2007 WR Sr.6-4210 Alabama ASWA
 6A Player of the Year 
 Julio Jones2007 WR Jr.6-4210 Alabama Gatorade
 Super 12 
 Herbert Casey1987 QB Sr.6-1180 Auburn ASWA
 Julio Jones2006 WR Jr.6-4210 Alabama ASWA
 Julio Jones2007 WR Sr.6-4210 Alabama ASWA
 D.J. Fluker2008 OL Sr.6-7350 Alabama ASWA
 Super All-State 
 Don Page1997 DL Sr.6-3240 Central Florida Bham News
 Julio Jones2006 WR Jr.6-4205 Alabama Bham News
 DeMarcus Bingham2013 WR Sr.6-3218  ASWA

 All State Players 
 Player   Pos.   Class   Ht.   Wt.   Team   College   Source 
 2020   7A 
 Forrest TaylorP Sr. 5-10160 2nd   ASWA
 2016   7A 
 Clayton McConnellOL Sr. 6-3270 2nd   ASWA
 2015   7A 
 Jakhiry TurnerDL Sr.6-0215 2nd   ASWA
 2014   7A 
 Isaiah LewisRB Sr. 5-9220 2nd   ASWA
 Jalen HenryLB Sr. 6-1218 1st   ASWA
 2013   6A 
 DeMarcus BinghamWR Sr. 6-3218 1st   ASWA
 2012   6A 
 Alontai AdamsWR Sr. HM   ASWA
 Darius PaigeDL Sr. HM   ASWA
 2010   6A 
 DreShon McGasterDL Sr. HM   ASWA
 2009   6A 
 Jorge Santa MariaPK Sr. HM   ASWA
 2008   6A 
 D.J. FlukerOL Sr.6-7345 1st   ASWA
 2007   6A 
 Julio JonesWR/TE Sr.6-4218 1st   ASWA
 Robert LesterDB Sr.6-2205 1st   ASWA
 Stuart BarbalichP Sr. HM   ASWA
 2006   6A 
 Jason AdamsOL Sr. HM   BN
 Julio JonesWR Jr.6-4205 1st   ASWA
 Julio JonesWR Jr.6-4205 1st   BN
 Roosevelt ByrdATH Sr.6-1205 1st   ASWA
 Roosevelt ByrdQB Sr.6-1205 HM   BN
 2005   6A 
 Anthony AdamsOL Sr. HM   ASWA
 Anthony AdamsOL Sr. HM   BN
 Roosevelt ByrdQB Jr.6-1195 HM   BN
 Roosevelt ByrdATH Jr.6-1195 1st   ASWA
 Todd WatsonCoach 1st   ASWA
 2003   6A 
 Carlos LizarragaP Sr. HM   BN
 2000   6A 
 Jason WilliamsDL Sr. HM   ASWA
 1999   6A 
 Jason WilliamsDL Jr. HM   BN
 1997   6A 
 Don PageDL Sr.6-2240 1st   BN
 Ray KnightATH Sr. HM   ASWA
 Rod ThompsonLB Sr. HM   ASWA
 Rod ThompsonDL Sr. HM   BN
 1995   6A 
 Chris WattonOL Sr.6-4250 1st   BN
 Chris WattonDL Sr.6-4250 1st   ASWA
 1993   6A 
 Jeff RandaP Sr.6-0180 HM   BN
 Jeff RandaP Sr.6-0180 1st   ASWA
 1987   6A 
 Herbert CaseyQB Sr.6-1180 1st   BN
 Herbert CaseyQB Sr.6-1180 1st   ASWA
 1986   6A 
 Herbert CaseyRB Jr. HM   BN
 Russ MooreDL Sr. HM   ASWA
 1983   4A 
 Lewis WilsonQB Sr.5-10175 1st   ASWA
 Lewis WilsonQB Sr.6-0180 1st   BN
 1982   4A 
 Louis DeanDB Sr.5-9177 1st   BN
 Louis DeanDB Sr.5-9177 1st   ASWA
 Louis DeanQB Sr. 1st   BPH
 Rusty PigottTE Sr. 1st   BPH
 1979   4A 
 Chris Santa CruzL HM   BPH
 Dennis LaneB Sr.5-9160 HM   BN
 Dennis LaneB Sr.5-9160 HM   BPH
 Dennis LaneDB Sr.5-9160 1st   MA
 Stanley SanchezE Sr.5-10165 1st   MA
 1978   4A 
 Byron DeanB Sr. HM   BPH
 Byron DeanB Sr. HM   BN
 1977   4A 
 Steve AllenDL Sr.6-4200 1st   MA
 Tom Byrne Sr. HM   MA
 Tom ByrneG Sr. HM   BN
 1975   4A 
 Rick WelshE Sr. HM   BN
 1972   4A 
 John Santa CruzG/C Sr. HM   BN
 John Santa CruzL Sr. HM   BPH
 Tony McColloughL Sr. HM   BPH
 1969   4A 
 Aubrey WillisIL HM   BPH
 Don ChastainB Sr. HM   BPH
 Freddie WilsonB Sr. HM   BPH
 Jerry MeltonE Sr. HM   BPH
 Ricky WeeksIL HM   BPH
 1968   4A 
 Doug WilsonE Sr. HM   BN
 1967   4A 
 Alan BlackwellC Sr. HM   BN
 Jay MichaelsonT Sr.210 1st   AP
 Jay MichaelsonT Sr.210 1st   BN
 Jay MichaelsonT Sr.210 2nd   BPH
 Robby JamesB Sr. HM   BN
 1966   4A 
 Jay MichaelsonB Jr. HM   BN
 Marshall UnderwoodB Sr. HM   BN
 1965   4A 
 Ronnie PriceC Sr. HM   BN
 William LenzB Sr. HM   BN
 1964   4A 
 Freddy MichaelsonG Sr.195 2nd   BN
 Freddy MichaelsonG Sr.195 2nd   BPH
 Freddy MichaelsonL Sr.195 HM   AP
 Norm MooreB Sr. HM   BN
 William TaylorE Sr. HM   BPH
 1963   4A 
 Freddy MichaelsonG Jr. HM   BPH
 Henry SmithC Sr. HM   BN
 Kenny StablerB Sr.6-2170 1st   BPH
 Kenny StablerB Sr.6-2170 1st   BN
 1962   2A 
 Don FosterFB Sr.185 1st   ASWA
 Don FosterB Sr.185 1st   BPH
 Don FosterB Sr.188 1st   BN
 Ronnie HeltonE Sr.175 1st   BPH
 Ronnie HeltonE Sr. HM   BN
 Ronnie HeltonE Sr. 1st   ASWA
 Teddy GibsonG Sr. HM   ASWA
 Teddy GibsonG Sr. HM   BPH
 Teddy GibsonG Sr. 2nd   BPH
 Teddy GibsonG Sr.200 2nd   BN
 Thurston LauderE Sr. HM   BPH
 Wayne ChisenhallB Sr. HM   BPH
 Wayne ChisenhallHB Sr. HM   ASWA
 1961   2A 
 Anthony DeMarloB Sr.172 1st   BN
 Anthony DeMarloB Sr.170 1st   BPH
 Anthony DeMarloB Sr.170 1st   ASWA
 Don FosterB Sr. 2nd   ASWA
 Don FosterB Sr. HM   BPH
 Don FosterB Sr. HM   BN
 Ivan JonesCoach 1st   BPH
 Jay CrosbyT Sr. HM   BPH
 Jay CrosbyT Sr. HM   BN
 Jay CrosbyT Sr. 2nd   ASWA
 1960   2A 
 Anthony DeMarloB Jr.165 HM   MA
 Anthony DeMarloB Jr.165 2nd   BN
 Don FosterB Jr. HM   BN
 Don FosterB Jr. HM   MA
 Don FosterB Jr. HM   ASWA
 1959   2A 
 Carl DaughertyB 2nd   MA
 DulcesG HM   MA
 1958   2A 
 Doug GrahamB Sr.160 2nd   BPH
 Doug GrahamB HM   MA
 1956   2A 
 Danny MastreamB Sr. 3rd   BPH
 Danny MastreamC Sr. 2nd   MA
 Danny MastreamC Sr. 1st   BN
 Richard WirthHB HM   MA
 1955   A 
 Billy WalkerE 1st   MA
 Bobby LauderB Sr. HM   MA
 Bobby LauderB Sr. 1st   BN
 Bobby LauderB Sr. 3rd   BPH
 Danny MastreamC Sr. HM   MA
 Raymond ChristensonB HM   MA
 1954   A 
 LauderB HM   MA
 WalkerT HM   MA
 WalkerT HM   BPH
 1950   A 
 SmithG HM   MA
 1949   A 
 HolmesE HM   MA
 1940   A 
 Cecil BlackwellHB Sr. HM   BN
 1939   A 
 Cecil BlackwellHB Jr. HM   MA
 1938   A 
 Bernard DoeringG HM   BN
 Cecil BlackwellHB So. HM   BN
 Cecil BrownG HM   BN
 Homer LeachE HM   BN
 1937   A 
 HowellE HM   MA
 LaneT HM   MA
 1936   A 
 Virgil ChristensenHB HM   BN

NOTE: We recognize any All State Team we have completed for each classification. If we have omitted anyone selected to an All State Team please inform us once you have verified the source of the team. It is imperative we know who made the selection before it can be included. If you were selected by any organization for an All State Team and we do not have it listed, please submit the entire team for the appropriate classification. This is the only method to make additions to the information documents for All State Teams.
You may also make additions and corrections in the All State Forum.
Some records may be incomplete. We have chosen to publish this information in hopes our visitors will participate in assisting us to complete every school.
Join us in the forums to submit corrections and new information.

Great Moments in Alabama High School Football History

Thomasville scored 54 points against Gulf Shores in the first quarter of a game in 2003. They managed to hang on for an 81-14 win.